Author Instructions

Guidance for papers and paper presentations


The deadline for the first draft of papers is 9th October 2023. 

The deadline for posters and poster presentations is 31st May 2024.​

Paper presentations, posters, poster presentations and supplementary material all need to be uploaded to EasyChair, which will open on 26 February 2024.


Papers have to be submitted through the Taylor and Francis submission portal, not Easychair. The instructions for doing this are as follows:

1.     Go to the Taylor and Francis submission portal for Studies in Conservation. If you don’t have a Taylor and Francis account, you will need to create one.

Taylor & Francis Group (

2.     Complete the Submission Creation page and click on start.

3.     Complete the Manuscript Details section. When you are asked ‘Are you submitting your paper for a specific Special Issue ?’ select ‘yes’ and enter IIC Lima Congress 2024 supplement as the name of the special issue.

4.     Complete the rest of the sections, including uploading your paper. If you have any problems use the help button, and if that doesn’t resolve your problem, email to ask for advice.

The deadline for uploading the first draft of papers is 9 October 2023, as the reviewing and editing process then takes several months.

IIC is in the process of creating Inclusion and Acknowledgement guidelines, which will help authors to create inclusive papers with appropriate use of co-authors and acknowledgements. The Technical and Editorial Committees can also guide and support authors.

Paper presentations

  • All authors of papers must record and upload a 15-minute oral presentation, even if they are intending to present at the congress in person.
  • If the paper has multiple authors the presentation can be given jointly by two people, or sometimes even three where there is a strong justification for this.
  • If your presentation includes showing slides in Powerpoint (or a similar programme):
  • Use a plain (sans serif) font with a font size of 16 or more and avoid crowding too much information onto a single slide – if in doubt spread the text out over several slides.
  • Avoid setting text over images, use the pre-formatted slide Layout menu where possible, and give your slides clear, descriptive headings to make them easy to follow. 
  • Perform a final check of your slides using the built in accessibility checker (accessed by clicking on the Review tab and then clicking on the Check Accessibility button on the ribbon).
  • The recording of your presentation must be saved as an MP4 file.
  • The deadline for uploading your paper presentation to Easychair is 31 May 2024.

IIC’s Inclusion and Acknowledgement guidelines will provide further advice on delivering inclusive presentations. The Technical, Editorial and Local Organising Committees can also guide and support presenters.


Poster abstracts and posters can be in English, Spanish or Portuguese, and we will translate the abstracts into all three languages. We do not have a template for posters but given that they need to be suitable for display online, we ask that they are in Powerpoint or pdf format, in landscape orientation and using a 16:9 Aspect Ratio which is what will work best on the Congress platform. 

We don’t specify a minimum font size for posters, because we recognise that to read a poster online it is often necessary to zoom in and read it in sections. The congress logo should be included somewhere on your poster and will soon be available to download from the IIC website. 

Poster abstracts can be up to 500 words long. Some authors will have received suggestions from the Technical Committee for improving their abstract, but other authors can choose whether they want to revise their original abstract.

All posters will be displayed online on the congress platform, and we may also display some posters in the congress venues, either on digital screens or on display boards. 

The deadline for uploading posters to Easychair is 31 May 2024.

Poster presentations

The EasyChair submission system will open for authors to upload posters and presentations from 26 February 2024.

The deadline for posters is 31st May 2024. 

  • Poster authors are asked to record a 3-minute presentation about their poster, which will be made available through the congress platform. Poster presentations must be given be a single person because they are only 3 minutes long.
  • Refer to the paper presentation guidelines for advice on making slides in Powerpoint (or a similar programme) accessible. Your presentation must be saved as an MP4 file.
  • The deadline for uploading your poster presentation to Easychair is 31 May 2024.

Other material required from all authors

We also require the following from all authors, to be uploaded to Easychair by 31 May 2024:

  • A ‘head and shoulders’ photograph of each of the authors of your paper/poster
  • A 100-word biography for each of the authors of your paper/poster 
  • A completed copyright form giving permission for your paper/poster and presentation to be available on the congress platform (copyright forms are available on the IIC website)

Authors of papers will also have to complete a copyright form within the Taylor and Francis portal.

How to upload files to Easychair

Log into Easychair (Log in to EasyChair), click on the ‘view’ icon (the magnifying glass) and select ‘add or update files’ from the menu in the top right hand corner. You will then see the list of files required and be able to upload them.

Presentation transcripts

Once we’ve received the presentations, we will transcribe them and then ask authors to check the transcriptions for mistakes. Please be ready for a request to do this.

Optional additional material

If you like, you can also upload a still image or a 30-second ‘teaser’ video to Easychair, which will be used to promote the congress, and will be covered by the copyright form for your presentation.

Help and advice

If you have any questions about your paper, poster or presentation, please email