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A welcome addition to the conservator’s bookshelf is this new translation of Il Libro dell’Arte, the seminal writings about late medieval/early Renaissance painting techniques as observed by Cennino d’Andrea Cennini (c. 1370 – c. 1440). The... Read more
Gustav Klimt, Beethoven Frieze: Knight, 1901-2, Casein, gold and aluminium foil, cut opaline glass buttons, chalk, graphite, Secession, Vienna, Photo: Austrian Federal Monuments Office.
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Among the most famous works of Gustav Klimt’s (1862-1918) “Golden Period” is doubtlessly his Beethoven Frieze. The mural was created as a temporary decorative painting for the 14th Vienna Secession exhibition, which was on display from 15th April to... Read more
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When I first graduated from Northumbria University with a MA in Conservation of Fine Art in 2013, I didn’t think that a year later I would be sitting in a studio in Edinburgh, trying to figure out the best way to store a condom. I had imagined... Read more

Location: Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BE

IIC is holding a half-day meeting on copyright as it relates to use by conservation professionals for scholarly publications, newsletters, web-based publications including news and information sharing, etc.

The format will be that of an IIC round table discussion: a panel of four speakers will give short presentations, and there will be a lengthy discussion session, which will be recorded. The speakers will represent:

• DACS - on copyright in images
• IIC’s publisher Taylor & Francis Routledge – on writing for scholarly publications, and the things every author should know about copyright
• Tate Legal’s Intellectual Property Manager – on works still in copyright, and their use in publications, website, teaching and reviewing events
• The J Paul Getty trust – on copyright in books and from the US perspective.

IIC is seeking a volunteer to support the IIC Web Master to allow further expansion of its on-line activity.

Whilst the details of the role will depend on the skill, experience and available time of the successful applicant, it is desirable that the assistant is conversant with the technical aspects of website building and maintenance, including Drupal administration and setup, php programming, LAMP, cPanel and SQL software.

For more details, please contact Graham Voce, Executive Secretary at the IIC Office.

29 Feb 2016
Photo EwaGlos

EwaGlos, an illustrated glossary of conservation terms for wall paintings and architectural surfaces is now available online.
The book is the result of a European project containing English definitions with translations into Bulgarian, Croatian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish. Edited by Angela Weyer, Pilar Roig Picazo, Daniel Pop, JoAnn Cassar, Aysun Özköse, JeanMarc Vallet and Ivan Srša (series of publications by the Hornemann Institute 17), the book can be downloaded free of charge from: and

Welcome to the December issue of News in Conservation. It is a very busy time at IIC with preparation underway for various upcoming events including the Annual General Meeting in January and the 2016 Los Angeles Congress. In case you missed the announcement, the 2016 Forbes Prize has been awarded to Carol Mancusi-Ungaro for her work on the conservation of contemporary artworks with a lecture to be delivered at the Congress next year. In the IIC News section you will also find details of...