© Minah Song
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Between July 11th – 14th, the British Library hosted the workshop “Understanding Asian Papers and their Applications in Paper Conservation”. The tutor of the workshop was the independent paper conservator Minah Song.

One of the paintings by Edwin Deakin. © Santa Barbara Mission Archives Library. Photos by Fine Art Conservation Laboratories
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Twenty-one famous oil paintings of the old Spanish missions of California painted by Edwin Deakin between 1897 and 1899 are part of the collection at the Santa Barbara Mission Archives Library in Santa Barbara, California under the direction of Dr

Head, hands & heart © HKB 2017
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IIC’s fourth Student & Emerging Conservator Conference was held in Bern on the 12th & 13th October 2017. Following on from the successful 2015 (Warsaw), 2013 (Copenhagen) and 2011 (London) Student & Emerging Conservator Conferences this conference will allow those at the start of their professional journeys the chance to discuss and explore the way ahead. The title of the 2017 conference is inspired by the Swiss educational philosopher Joachim Pestalozzi, whose credo of 'Learning with Head, Heart, and Hands' is also very applicable to the conservation profession.

Photo taken by Casey Liu; copyright IIC-ITCC 2017

The third thematic workshop in the IIC International Training Centre for Conservation (IIC-ITCC) series has successfully opened on 14 November. With the focus on textile conservation, 23 mid-career conservation professionals, representing a spectacular variety of backgrounds from around the world, have been selected to attend this intensive hands on workshop. The workshop is now taking place for the first time in the newly established ‘Hospital for Conservation’ at the Palace Museum, also the largest science institution for heritage conservation in China. Prior to the opening ceremony, participants were privileged to be given a preview of the Hospital guided by Dr Jixiang Shan, Director of the Palace Museum.

IIC holds an Annual General Meeting every year which every IIC Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Individual member and student member is invited to attend. The Annual General Meeting is to allow Council (IIC’s charity trustees) to explain their management of the Institute to the members and it also provides members with an opportunity to ask questions before voting on the business items on the agenda, and to elect, or re-elect, members of Council to run the Institute for the next twelve months.

At IIC’s 2018 Annual General Meeting, to be held in London on Monday 22nd January 2018, a number of Council positions will be open to a ballot of IIC Individual members and Fellows and there are five positions open to candidates. If you or an IIC member you know wishes to contribute to the development of heritage conservation, please take part or bring this opportunity to their attention. Nominations for these positions are welcomed.

22 Nov 2017
Welcome to the October issue of NiC. As I write this editorial I am listening to the live streaming of the Fourth IIC Students & Emerging Conservators Conference (SECC) which is taking place in Bern. I’m feeling so lucky to live in a time when I can be sitting at my desk in a country and be part of this event as it is taking place in a different country! Technology has truly revolutionised the way we work and live in more ways that we can think. Day one of the event is proving as...

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Symposium venue: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong welcomes you!
Conservation and museum professionals are cordially invited to join the textile conservation symposium entitled 'Unroll and Unfold: Preserving Textiles and Thangkas to Last' jointly presented by IIC, the Palace Museum in Beijing and the Conservation Office of the Hong Kong SAR.

IIC's new Annual Review is available from the IIC web-site here. This was presented at the 2017 Annual General Meeting and is the first in a new series of reviews to present IIC's activities and engagement throughout the past year. We hope you enjoy this new way of conveying news about IIC's activities and future plans.