IIC has announced a new Open Access partnership with F1000 Routledge and launched an online Open Access collection focusing on 'Conservation and Leadership.' This special online Collection is hosted on Routledge Open Research, the world’s first open research publishing Platform specifically for the HSS community, which combines, articles, and other research outputs in one interdisciplinary venue.

The publishing venue utilizes the publishing model, technology and knowledge pioneered by leading open research publisher F1000 to provide HSS scholars with a rapid and transparent publishing venue, whilst also giving authors the opportunity to increase the discoverability, accessibility and reach of their research.

The IIC Open Access Collection explores and shares research and perspectives of ‘conservation and leadership’ from different contexts, including changing contexts and emerging contexts, as well as visions for future leadership within the field of cultural heritage conservation. Sarah Stannage FRSA, and Dr. Joelle Wickens Ph.D from the University of Delaware are guest advisors and will be encouraging discussions and contributions from our global conservation community on leadership with a special online collection of peer-reviewed Open Access research published on the F1000 platform.

About the collection and submissions

You can read all about the collection on the F1000 Routledge website here.

Submissions to the collection can be made at any time and uploaded via this link to IIC's 'conservation and leadership' collection on F1000 Routledge, the platform supports a number of publication format types, such as papers, case studies and digital posters - article guidance for submission can be found here.  

Funding for Article Processing Charges (APC) for Open Access

IIC can support members with APCs for Open Access articles , posters and papers through its Opportunities Fund - which has two rounds of funding per year.  A number of IIC Congress Scholars on the 'Adapt: Conservation and Leadership in a Time of Change' programme, kindly funded by the Getty Foundation, are also invited to contribute to this collection and their APCs will be funded through that programme. 


F1000 Routledge Webinar: Conservation and Leadership Collection 

 The webinar (approx. 1 hour) introduces the collection and outlines the submission process as well as the peer review process.