This page lists current appointment vacancies in heritage conservation worldwide. Please click on the title of the vacancy to read the full text for each listing.

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Technical Art Historian

The Rijksmuseum has an established reputation in the specialist field of technical art history. As part of our aim to pass on existing knowledge and experience to next generations, we are inviting candidates to apply for the post of Technical Art Historian.

The Technical Art Historian will work closely with the analysts, conservators, and scientists of the Museum Atelier Building. He/she should also work with the curators of the Rijksmuseum. He/she will contribute, in particular for the technical entries, to the making of the Catalogues of the Rijksmuseum. Candidates should have hands-on familiarity with the common methods and techniques for the material examination of art objects, such as IR-reflectography, X-radiography, conventional ‘wet’ microchemistry, light-, and electron microscopy, diffraction, spectrometry, and chromatography. He/she should be capable of valuating the outcomes of these methods in the interpretation of art historical questions.

Application deadline: 
15 Sep 2015

Junior Conservator of Frames and Gilding

The Rijksmuseum has an established reputation in the specialist field of the research and conservation of picture frames. As part of the aim to pass on our knowledge and experience to next generations, we are inviting candidates to apply for the post of junior conservator of frames and gilding. The junior conservator will work closely with the senior conservator of frames and gilding within the museum’s conservation studio for paintings and frames, in the Atelier Building. Candidates should be familiar with traditional gilding techniques and modern approaches to the conservation of gilded and polychromed surfaces and wooden objects. Basic knowledge of picture frame styles and periods and an affinity with easel paintings is desirable.

Application deadline: 
18 Sep 2015

Assistant Paintings Conservator

The Kimbell Art Museum seeks an Assistant Paintings Conservator to care for a collection of European paintings (1300 - 1946) that rivals in quality and scope, although not size, the most prestigious art museums in North America and a comprehensive collection of masterworks of American paintings (1800 -1964) of the neighbouring Amon Carter Museum of American Art, with an opportunity to work on important paintings from other public collections. Completion of a conservation graduate programme or comparable training with at least one additional year of professional experience is required.

Application deadline: 
30 Sep 2015

Metal Conservator

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is the National Museum of the Netherlands. Its collection includes 1.1 million works of art and objects from the Netherlands, European and Asian countries, spanning the period from the Middle Ages up to the 21th century. The Metal Conservation Studio, which is part of the Conservation and Scientific Research Department, is currently seeking a Metal Conservator, 36 hours a week, for a period of 4 years. In general terms, the conservator is responsible for the conservation and maintenance of objects in the collection in such a way that they remain of the desired quality now and in the future.

Application deadline: 
2 Oct 2015