Why become a Fellow? – sharing values, making a global impact

Becoming an IIC Fellow connects you to a network of colleagues who are respected internationally and are committed to advancing the profession for the common good.

Our Fellows are trusted for their high standard of excellence and expertise, have peer recognition, and a voice that is amplified through our networks. The culture of generosity among our Fellows means that knowledge and learning are shared, across a growing and inclusive network.

Demistifying the process

However, we realise that it can seem daunting to apply for IIC Fellow status, especially if you don’t see others taking this path in your workplace, country or region. Meanwhile some of the language around election to Fellowship first originated in the 1950s and can be off-putting and seem inaccessible. This is something we are determined to change, for the benefit of all.

Therefore, this guide sits alongside the more process-based advice here, to talk you through becoming a Fellow as a practical, achievable career goal. There are different points of entry:

1. Fellow nomination. One of your colleagues or individuals in your network, who is already a Fellow may suggest that you apply and offer to act as your Nominating Fellow. 2. Self-instigated. A potential candidate does not necessarily have to wait to be invited and can seek nomination by an IIC Fellow or with help and guidance from the IIC Office. If you are a member of the IIC, you will be able to access our Member and Fellows' Directory to aid your search for a Nominating and Supporting Fellows. If you are not a member of the IIC, the IIC Office will be able to assist you in your search.

Whatever your route, our Fellows are at the heart of IIC and we welcome a diversity of experience, from working in institutions and private practice to universities and commercial suppliers.

Nominations are received and reviewed by the Fellowship Committee and IIC Council before going to ballot three times a year. Deadlines for nominations are as follows:

31 March, 31 July and 30 November every year.

Peer election, recognition, respect and integrity

Trusted - sets a high standard for excellence and expertise

Being part of a growing and inclusive network with an open generosity to share knowledge and learning

International fellowship acknowledges the impact you’ve made, your contribution, influence and vision

When should I start thinking about becoming a fellow?

We are encouraging applications from people who have a few years solid experience in their careers, who approach conservation with intelligence and nuance, and a desire to enhance the profession. You don’t have to be very senior or at a huge institution, with an enormous publications list to become a Fellow.

Typically, people start to think about applying for Fellowship 10 years or so into a career (including your training) – but this is a very rough guide. Your experience may be demonstrated through the projects you have worked on, your leadership or in helping conservation branch out in new ways.

Take the opportunities to connect and continue learning

IIC offers numerous ways to continue professional development, network and meet colleagues internationally. Currently you can:

Choose to take part in one of IIC’s leadership programmes, such as the International Leadership Mentoring Programme, which runs three times a year for IIC members where you will meet IIC Fellows and sector leaders.

Come to IIC Congresses and Events, participate in the Members’ meetings and networking events that take place online or in-person. This is a great way to meet colleagues, members and existing IIC Fellows.

Who will support my nomination as a fellow?

IIC’s model for nominating Fellows has historically been based around existing Fellows nominating colleagues and individuals. However, this can be a barrier if you don’t know or work with IIC Fellows personally. Becoming more involved in IIC’s programmes, via some of the routes described above, is one option. Alternatively, you can contact the IIC Fellowship and Engagement Manager: Ellie Sweetnam for advice. We have also rolled out other new ways to encourage Fellow applications– from short one to one chats with existing Fellows – and half hour informal meetings on the detail, where you can ask questions. If you are already a member of IIC you can watch one of our recent half hour Q&A sessions here. Please email Ellie Sweetnam at ellie.sweetnam@iiconservation.org to register your interest in attending an informal meeting or information session about becoming an IIC Fellow.

Taking the final step

Our aim is that at the point your name goes on the ballot paper, it should be with a solid, informed confidence that you have the necessary skills, to be affirmed by the voting process.

If you need any further information please get in touch with IIC’s Fellowship and Member Engagement Manager, Ellie Sweetnam at ellie.sweetnam@iiconservation.org

IIC Fellowship Information Leaflet

IIC Fellowship Nomination Form

IIC Pathway to Fellowship Flyer

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