IIC International Training Centre for Conservation

Mid-career training for conservators with the Palace Museum, Beijing

The International Training Centre for Conservation (ITCC) is a collaboration between IIC and the Palace Museum, Beijing which has been running since 2015. It is the brainchild of Dr Jixiang Shan, Director of the Palace Museum who has been keen to develop conservation knowledge and international exchange in the region. Since then, we have been offering annual training for mid-career professionals from around the world in Beijing.

About the courses

Each course has a specific theme, chosen annually to fit with the evolving needs and changing landscape of the profession. Courses include lectures, case studies, practical sessions, presentations and site visits, and benefit from the rich collections, resources and expertise of the Palace Museum. There are many chances to network and share ideas. Participants also have opportunities to explore possible solutions to their own problems as they learn the best practices and theories of conservation.

  • Disseminate the best practice in conservation, especially to the developing countries in Asia-Pacific;
  • Encourage the participants to become trainers and transmit what they have learned to their own institution;
  • Stay in touch with other participants, to develop a professional network with the potential for future collaboration
  • Provide teaching resources to be spread through our website
  • Share IIC’s values, missions and activities with the heritage and conservation community in Asia.


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