Conservation Data

Like every area of life, conservation is being transformed by the digital world and the insights of Big Data. At the same time, far too much knowledge is fragmented, inaccessible in institutions across the world. IIC Fellow and Reader in Documentation, Dr. Athanasios Velios  from the University of the Arts London, will be co-leading a discussion with Dr. Kristen St.John of Stanford University as part of a project on Linked Conservation Data, on how we can use data more effectively to the benefit of our projects and our profession. 

The  Linked Conservation Data project is funded by UKRI-AHRC.  IIC is pleased to be an endorsing partner with AIC and Icon to this project. Further information on the engagement and consultation that took place to produce a new Policy Primer , can be found  here alongside a  video introduction to the project, templates and material presented to the Policy Document Workshop held at the IIC Edinburgh Congress Online in 2020 and as part of IIC's dedicated Special Interest Community in Conservation Data championed by Athanasios and Kristen.

We are also looking forward to promoting future events and initiatives through the Special Interest Community in Conservation Data and sharing the  benefits of this work internationally with IIC's Regional Group and wider conservation community.