Global conservation guidelines and standards

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Documents published by international bodies concerned for the conservation of cultural heritage

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO):

(1) Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict (1954)

(2) Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972)

(3) Recommendation for the Protection of Movable Cultural Property (1978)

(4) Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage (2001)

(5) Warsaw Recommendation on Recovery and Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage (2018)

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS):

(1) International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites (The Venice Charter) (1964)

(2) The Washington Charter (1987)

(3) Nara Document on Authenticity (1994)

(4) Xi’an Declaration on the Conservation of Setting of Heritage Structures, Sites and Areas (2005)

 International Council of Museums (ICOM):

(1) International Guidelines for Museum Object Information: The CIDOC Information Categories (1995)

(2) Statement of Principles of Museum Documentation (2012)

(3) International Committee for Documentation Conceptual Reference Model (2021)

 International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC):

(1) Environmental Guidelines IIC and ICOM-CC Declaration (2014)

Cultural heritage standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

1. ISO 13822:2010, Bases for design of structures — Assessment of existing structures

2. ISO 21127:2014, Information and documentation A reference ontology for the interchange of cultural heritage information

3. ISO 5127:2017, Information and documentation — Foundation and vocabulary

4. ISO 21110:2019, Emergency preparedness and response

5. ISO/TR 19263-1:2017, Photography Archiving systems Part 1: Best practices for digital image capture of cultural heritage material

6. ISO 13810:2022, Tourism and related services Visits to industrial, natural, cultural and historical sites Requirements and recommendations

7. ISO/CD 5727, Accessibility and usability of the built environment — Accessibility of immovable cultural heritage — General criteria and methodology for interventions


Cultural heritage standards issued by the regional organizations for standardization (The European Committee for Standardization, CEN/TC346- Conservation of Cultural Heritage


1. EN 15757:2010, Conservation of Cultural Property - Specifications for temperature and relative humidity to limit climate-induced mechanical damage in organic hygroscopic materials

2. EN 15758:2010, Conservation of Cultural Property - Procedures and instruments for measuring temperatures of the air and the surfaces of objects

3. EN 15999-1:2014, Conservation of cultural heritage - Guidelines for design of showcases for exhibition and preservation of objects - Part 1: General requirements

4. EN 16648:2015, Conservation of cultural heritage - Transport methods

5. EN 16782:2016, Conservation of cultural heritage - Cleaning of porous inorganic materials - Laser cleaning techniques for cultural heritage

6.EN 15898:2019, Conservation of cultural heritage - Main general terms and definitions

7. EN 17429:2020, Conservation of cultural heritage - Procurement of conservation services and works


Cultural heritage standards issued by various countries


(1) IRAM 30801, Management system for collections of cultural or natural objects. Requirements


(1) AS/NZS 2789:2016, Information and documentation - International library statistics

(2) AS ISO 21127:2017, Information and documentation - A reference ontology for the interchange of cultural heritage information


(1) GB/T 23862-2009, Specification of shipping packaging of cultural relics

(2) GB/T 30686-2014, Bronze and iron collection's disease and illustration

(3) GB/T 37909-2019, Technical specifications for thermoluminescence dating of the ancient ceramics

(4) WW/T 0037-2012, Technical requirements for conservation & restoration of polychrome paintings on historic buildings

(5) WW/T 0104-2020, Monitoring for museum environment-Monitoring terminal-Temperature and humidity


(1) E.S. 4044 / 2006, Information and Documentation - Library performance indicators

(2) E.S.2604-1/2008, Information and documentation - International library statistics Part 1: Vocabularies


(1) NF X80-002, Conservation of cultural heritage - Recommendations for designing, building, selecting and using a showcase for the exhibition of cultural heritage

(2) NF X80-003, Conservation of cultural heritage - Test methods - Evaluation of the effect of a treatment on porous inorganic materials by the measurement of the groove width

(3) NF Z40-014, Information and documentation - Requirements and criteria for the selection of paper and boards for the storage of paper and parchment documents


(1) DIN 67700,Constructing libraries and archives - Requirements and recommendations for planning

(2) DIN /TR 67702,Information and documentation - Management of the environmental conditions for archive and library collections

(3) DIN SPEC 67701, Information and documentation - Collections management for archives and libraries

(4) VDI 3798 Blatt 1:2020, Material cultural heritage - Documentation, examination, and preservation including consideration of environmental impacts

(5) VdS 3511, Security Guidelines for Museums and Showrooms


(1) IS 14850: 2000, Fire Safety of Museums - Code of Practice

(2) IS 15791: 2007, Museum Plywood – Specification


(1) UNI 11769: 2020, Applications for the cultural heritage - Evaluation elements for archival arrangement and description applications

(2) UNI 10705: 2007, Cultural heritage - X-ray fluorescence analysis using portable systems

Russian Federation

(1) GOST R 56198-2014, Monitoring of technical state of the cultural heritage objects. Immovable monuments. General requirements

(2) GOST R 56891.1-2016, The preservation of cultural heritage. Terms and definitions. Part 1. General concepts, the composition and content of the scientific and project documentation

(3) GOST R 70005-2022, Preservation of cultural heritage objects from biological damage. Classification, methods of protection and elimination of consequences. General requirements

Saudi Arabia

(1) SASO-ISO-21127, Information and documentation - A reference ontology for the interchange of cultural heritage information


(1) UNE 41810:2017, Conservation of cultural heritage. Intervention criteria for stone materials

United Kingdom

(1) BS 7913:2013, Guide to the conservation of historic buildings

2) BS 4971:2017, Conservation and care of archive and library collections

United States

(1) NFPA 909-2021, Code for the Protection of Cultural Resource Properties Museums, Libraries, and Places of Worship

(2) ANSI/IES RP-30-2017, Recommended Practice on Museum and Art Gallery Lighting And others.