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Selected Acquisitions: ICCROM Library

Book covers for “Preventive Conservation Collection Storage”, “Tales of the Unexpected” and “Issues in Preservation Policy” on the ICCROM Library card catalogue drawers. Image by Daniela Sauer.

Ideas for reading by Daniela Sauer


Emerging Conservator Zoom Talks: Studying in an International Context

Drawing courtesy of Lisa-Maria Schaaf picturing IIC-S&ECC Warsaw 2015 participants in a meet-up.


Which challenges do international conservation students face, and how can you overcome these?

Conservation ethics and codes of conduct are similar worldwide. Nonetheless, many conservation programmes, regardless of their participation in the Bologna Process, have diverse focuses, lengths and acceptance requirements.

This fact, although enriching, makes student exchange and studying with graduate and post-graduate programs in different countries particularly difficult for conservation students.

27 Apr 2021 to 28 Apr 2021

IIC Congress Blog: Behind the Scenes

Thank You to the 2020 IIC Congress Digital Engagement Volunteers

Enthusiasm is contagious, as clearly shown by our amazing team of Digital Engagement Volunteers (DEVs) during Congress this past November. The seamless flow of presentations and engaging Q&A sessions was beautifully supported by our DEVs preparing and working behind the curtain; it takes quite a lot of effort to make it all look effortless, and these Volunteers played a key roll, all the while showing great poise (on camera no less!) under pressure.

Book Review: Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt: emerging research from the APPEAR project

Cover of “Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt.” Image courtesy of Getty Publications.

Reviewed by Alexandra Taylor

Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt: Emerging Research from the APPEAR Project
Edited by Marie Svoboda and Caroline R. Cartwright
J. P. Getty Museum, Los Angeles
US publication Date: August 25, 2020
UK Publication Date: September 29, 2020
196 pages / 169 colour illustrations / 26 diagrams and tables
Paperback: US $60.00, UK £45.00 / Free in digital formats (online, PDF, E-book)
ISBN: 978-L-60606-654-6

Committee position for FAIC Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation Committee

The Foundation for Advancement in Conservation’s (FAIC) Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation Committee is seeking a new committee member. The Committee is funded by an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation endowment, and charged with the planning of programs related to photograph conservation and preservation.

Head, Collections Department

GCI is seeking a Head for our Collections Department—one of the three principal programmatic areas at the GCI—which focuses on the conservation of cultural objects and collections housed in all sizes and types of museums, libraries and archives, historic buildings and sites, and other repositories worldwide.

Application deadline: 
30 Apr 2021

Elmgreen & Dragset: The Outsiders Installation and preventive conservation of a contemporary artwork

Detail of the silicone figures during condition check. Elmgreen & Dragset: The Outsiders, 2020. Courtesy of Pace Gallery, New York and König Galerie. Photo: Saara Peisa / EMMA.

By Saara Peisa

An old Mercedes is standing in the back of a car park. You could just pass by, but something draws your attention; perhaps it is the magazine on the dashboard or something inside packed in bubble wrap. You look in and are startled – some guys are sleeping in there! Are they real? I can’t believe it, they look so real! After the initial shock, you start to look for the story. Why are they sleeping in a car? Where are they going?


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