For 2023/24, IIC's Executive Director Sarah Stannage FRSA alongside IIC Fellow, Joelle  D. J. Wickens Ph.D from the University of Delaware as guest advisors, will be encouraging discussions and contributions from our global conservation community on leadership with a special online collection of peer reviewed Open Access research published by Routledge F1000, with leadership papers, case studies and digital posters from around the world. The Collection will explore "Leadership and Conservation of Cultural Heritage" including changing ideas about what leadership looks like internationally in the 21st century.

A webinar about the collection was hosted on the 11 September 2023, supported by Routledge with IIC's Director of Publications, Dr Joyce Townsend, and the collection advisors Dr Joelle D.J. Wickens and Sarah Stannage.  A recording of the webinar will be made available to view on the IIC Community platform.

In 2022/ 23 IIC launched a new global leadership programme, Adapt: conservation and leadership during a time of change,  the programme supported thirty IIC Congress Scholars in band 2 -4 nations and was kindly funded by the Getty Foundation. A number of Congress Scholars are contributing to the special online collection with Routledge.  We hope to build on this programme with further initiatives in the future.

Leadership Resources and Grants for the Field

Grants are made available through the IIC Opportunities Fund to support individuals, including colleagues living and working in band 2 - 4  countries, to support more equitable access to professional development as well as contributing to Open Access publication costs. Funding rounds and application details be found here.

Each year IIC also offers  30 spaces for conservators and cultural heritage professionals to participate in an 'International peer mentoring programme', themed around leadership, supported by IIC Fellows and leaders from the profession.  Details on how to apply can be found here, the programme is open to IIC members only at this stage.

Online resources, tooklits and focused topics on 'leadership', from authentic leadership to leading with impact are available  on the IIC Community platform