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You can browse IIC’s complete collection of book reviews below. All the latest book reviews are also featured in News in Conservation.

Book Review: Provenance Research Today

Book cover, Provenance Research Today: Principles, Practice, Problems. Image courtesy of Lund Humphries.

Reviewed by Riza Hussaini

Provenance Research Today: Principles, Practice, Problems
Edited by Arthur Tompkins
Lund Humphries, London (December 2020)
Paperback / 224 Pages / $49.99 USD / £29.99 GBP
ISBN: 9781848222762

This publication could not have come at a better time. A few weeks into reviewing this volume, several news articles, documentaries and tools emerged regarding forgeries, illicit sales, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and repatriation of looted antiquities and art works.

Book Review: On the Ethics of Cultural Heritage Conservation

Book cover image courtesy of Archetype Publications Ltd.

Review by Lisa Edgren

On the Ethics of Cultural Heritage Conservation

By Salvador Muñoz-Viñas

Archetype Publications Ltd, London, 2020

Paperback / 140 pages

ISBN10 1909492701 / ISBN13 9781909492707

Book Review: Culture is Bad for You

The cover image for Culture is Bad For You. Courtesy of Manchester University Press.

Review by Jenny Mathiasson

Culture is Bad for You: Inequality in the cultural and creative industries

By Orian Brook, Dave O’Brien and Mark Taylor

Manchester University Press, 2020

Paperback / 384 pages / £11.99

ISBN: 978-1-5261-4416-4

Book Review: Book Conservation and Digitization

Book cover provided by Amsterdam University Press. Twitter: AmsterdamUPress / Facebook: AUPAcademic

Reviewed by Marc Holly

Book Conservation and Digitization – The Challenges of Dialogue and Collaboration.

By / Ed. Alberto Campagnolo (and Contributors)

ARC Humanities Press, 2020

300 Pages, 109 € / 125 USD

ISBN: 9781641890533

Book Review: Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt: emerging research from the APPEAR project

Cover of “Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt.” Image courtesy of Getty Publications.

Reviewed by Alexandra Taylor

Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt: Emerging Research from the APPEAR Project
Edited by Marie Svoboda and Caroline R. Cartwright
J. P. Getty Museum, Los Angeles
US publication Date: August 25, 2020
UK Publication Date: September 29, 2020
196 pages / 169 colour illustrations / 26 diagrams and tables
Paperback: US $60.00, UK £45.00 / Free in digital formats (online, PDF, E-book)
ISBN: 978-L-60606-654-6

Book Review: On Canvas

Front and back cover images of On Canvas courtesy of Getty Publications.

Review by Joyce Townsend

On Canvas: Preserving the Structure of Paintings
By Stephen Hackney
The Getty Conservation Institute, 2020
256 pages / $50 Getty Store / £40 Amazon / Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60606-626-3

Book Review: Current Technical Challenges in the Conservation of Paintings

Current Technical Challenges in the Conservation of Paintings, book cover. Image courtesy of Archetype Publications.

Review by Amber Kerr

Current Technical Challenges in the Conservation of Paintings
Edited by Angelina Barros D’Sa, Lizze Bone, Rhiannon Clarricoates, Helen Dowding 
London: Archetype publications, Ltd., 2015
136 pages / £32.50 / Paperback
ISBN: 9781909492318