Exploring the Science for Conservators Book Series

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The original series has provided key basic texts for conservators throughout the world since its publication in the late 1980s. Scientific concepts are basic to the conservation of artefacts of every type, and these introductory volumes provide an essential theoretical background for conservators who have entered the field without scientific training. It is designed for pre-programme, student and personal study, and also serves as a checklist of scientific terms for those working in English as a second or third language.

This new edition of 'An Introduction to Materials and Chemistry', book 1 in the updated Science for Conservators series, provides conservators and conservators-in-training with a very basic introduction to the language of chemistry and to the scientific approach.

Drawing on 40 years of experience as a conservation scientist, Joyce H. Townsend takes readers through the elementary steps that will enable them to understand and investigate materials in historic objects, and those modern materials used to conserve them, in scientific terms. The book also introduces basic chemistry concepts. It provides worked examples and exercises throughout. This new edition has been significantly expanded and updated, with new material about health and safety, sustainability, and the trend to use greener materials, among other topics.

The book also includes all-new illustrations, a list of further reading and resources will be added to this page along with the recording of a special interview with Joyce Townsend, exploring the series. 

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