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There are a number of independent associations affiliated to IIC located around the world. Over the years, various IIC Regional Groups have developed along different lines to become independent national bodies, supporting the particular needs of the conservation community in the countries concerned. 

The first Groups were those in the United Kingdom (formerly UK-IIC now known as Icon)  and the United States (now AIC the American Institute for Conservation).

There are currently nine IIC Regional Groups in the Nordic region (the Nordisk Konservatorforbund: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Malta and Spain.

IIC's priority regions for new groups include: South America + Caribbean, Africa and South-East Asia.

Each IIC Regional Group is required to adhere to the aims and objectives of the Institute as expressed in our Memorandum of Association; its by-laws must be approved by the IIC Council; and its officers must be members of IIC.  As a result of our Regional Groups, our combined international reach extends to nearly 7,000 members.

Globally we recognise a further 20 national level bodies, a full list is available here.   For further information about our support for Regional Programmes please e contact Marina Herriges marina.herriges@iiconservation.org , Regional Programme Manager.

Get in touch with your Regional Group

IIC Austrian Group/Österreichische Sektion IIC


Chair: Dipl. –Rest. Christina Schaaf-Fundneider
Vice chair: Mag. Carine Gengler
Secretary-general: Dipl.-Rest. Franka Bindernagel
Vice Secretary-general: Mag. Art. Magdalena Schindler

Contact email: iic.oesterreich@gmail.com or office@iic-austria.org

IIC Croatian Group/IIC Hrvatska grupa


President: Žana Matulić Bilač
Vice President: Mirta Pavić
Secretary: Jelena Zagora
Treasurer: Tijana-Annar Trputec Strčić

Contact email:  iic.croatia@gmail.com 
Postal address: IIC - Hrvatska grupa, Rooseveltova 23, 21000 Split, Croatia

IIC French Group/Section Française de l'IIC (SFIIC)


President: Roland May
Treasurer: Carolina Hall
Secretary: Emmanuel Maurin

Contact email: contact@sfiic.com
Postal address (Secretariat): 29 rue de Paris, 77420 Champs sur Marne, France

IIC Hellenic Group

President: Konstantinos Choulis
Vice-president: Alexis Stefanis
Secretary-general: Dora Papathanasiou
Treasurer: Roula Rapti
Council members: Katerina Malea, Anita Moraitou and Charis Theodorakopoulos

Contact email: kchoulis@otenet.gr
Postal address (Secretariat): PO Box 27031, 117 02 Athens, Greece

IIC Italian Group/Gruppo Italiano dell'IIC (IGIIC)


Chair: Lorenzo Appolonia
Elena Spoldi, Daniela Rullo 

Contact email: info@igiic.org
Postal address (Secretariat): Villa Rey, Strada Val Martino Superiore 27, 10132 Torino, Italy

IIC Japan

This group is currently in transition to being dissolved.

Interim Contact: Naoko Sonoda sonoda@idc.minpaku.ac.jp or Chie Sano, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, 13-43 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8713, Japan 

IIC Malta


Chair: James Licary
Contact email: gaja05@gmail.com

IIC Nordic Group/Nordiska Konservatorförbund (NKF)


Chair 2021-2024: Karen  Borcherson 
Contact email: kab@kglakademi.dk

IIC Nordic Group Denmark/Nordisk Konservatorforbund Danmark (NKF-dk)


Contact email: formand@nkf-dk.dk NKF-DK, c/o Camilla Jul Bastholm Gade 11, 4. th, DK 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

IIC Nordic Group Finland/Pohjoismainen Konservaattoriliitton Soumen osasto ry (NKF-F)


Chair: Helena Salo. Contact: konservaatori.h.salo@gmail.com
Membership Secretary: Karoliina Hämäläinen

Contact email: secretary.pkl@gmail.com
Postal address: NKF-F, Pohjoismaisen konservaattoriliiton Suomen osasto ry, Annankatu 16 B 50, 00120 HELSINKI, Finland

IIC Nordic Group Iceland/Félag Norrænna forvarða – Ísland (NKF-IS)

Chair: Ingibjörg Áskelsdóttir. Contact: ingibjorg.askelsdottir@reykjavik.is

Contact email: nkf.island@gmail.com  

IIC Nordic Group Norway/Nordisk Konservatorforbund Norge (NKF-N)


Contact email:  to be updated
Postal address: NKF-N, PB 2008 Grunerlokka, 0505 Oslo, Norway

IIC Nordic Group Sweden/Nordiska Konservatorförbundet Sverige (NKF-S)

Chair: Lisa Swedberg.


Contact email: kontakt@nkf-s.se
Postal address: NKF-S, SE-Box 3071, 103 61 Stockholm, Sweden

IIC Spanish Group/Grupo Español del IIC (GEIIC)


President:  Maria Camino Roberto. Contact:  presidente@ge-iic.org
Vice-president: Noelia Yanguas
Secretary: Patricia Uceda
Treasurer: Raquel Carcas
Council members: Julia Betancor, María Muñoz, Violeta Romero, Carmen de Peña, Livio Ferrazza, Scott Mitchel

 Contact email: secretaria@ge-iic.org
Postal address (Secretariat): IPHE, C/ Greco 4, 28040 Madrid, Spain