2016 Gerry Hedley Student Symposium

We are delighted to announce that the 34th Annual Gerry Hedley Symposium, hosted this year by the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge, will take place on Monday 23 May 2016 at Trinity College. This annual conference, named in honour of Gerry Hedley, an esteemed educator and researcher in the Conservation field, will showcase the research of near and recent graduates from the main painting conservation training institutions within the UK. The day's proceedings will conclude with an evening reception.

23 May 2016
20 May 2016

France returns looted antiquities to China

A visitor photographs objects recently returned from France at the Gansu Provincial Museum. © Photo/ Xinhua

PARIS - The Musee Guimet has discreetly returned four solid gold antiquities that were received as donation by billionaire luxury tycoon François Pinault. The objects were looted from China and bought by unaware Pinault which personally handed over the four 2,000-year old solid gold birds of prey heads to the Chinese embassy in Paris.

Heritage Without Borders – Helping heritage to survive. NiC’s interview with Dominica D’Arcangelo

Learning sewing skills. Copyright Heritage without Borders

In June 2014 NiC introduced the work of Heritage without Borders (HWB) with an article on the work the organisation was carrying out in Kosovo (News in Conservation, Issue 43, 2014). Since then NiC has continued to follow the work of HWB closely and is pleased to include, as part of this special issue, an interview with Dominica D’Arcangelo, Co-founder, Co-director and Trustee of the organisation.

NiC - Can you give us an overview of your organisation’s structure?

IIC-ITCC Course 2015: Scientific approaches to preventive conservation

Lecturers, guests and participants at the opening ceremony of the IIC-ITCC 2015 Programme  © IIC-ITCC/Palace Museum

Venue: Gugong Institute, the Palace Museum

Led by a team of nine distinguished lecturers from IIC and Palace Museum, the inaugural course hosted 20 participants from different institutions across mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, India, Egypt, Qatar, Canada, Barbados and Mexico. The diversity of the participants’ backgrounds and experience provided an engaging environment in which they could learn from one another’s museum and cultural backgrounds and their differing approaches to familiar problems.

20 Sep 2015 to 25 Sep 2015

Studies in Conservation - delivery issues

We regret that the first two issues of Studies in Conservation for 2016 (Volume 61, issues 1 and 2) have been delayed in delivery due to circumstances beyond the control of our publishers, Taylor & Francis.

However, the problems have now been resolved and Volume 61 issue 1 is now on its way to members with Volume 61 issue 2 to follow shortly.

Studies in Conservation will be returning to the usual delivery schedule for issues 3 onwards of Volume 61.

The Antiquities Coalition: Combatting #CultureUnderThreat By Deborah Lehr. News in Conservation, Issue 53, April 2016

©The Antiquities Coalition

Since the breakdown in civil society that resulted from the Arab Spring, and with the rise of violent extremism, the world is facing the most significant and systematic destruction and looting of heritage in the modern era. The illicit trade in cultural goods is a multifaceted issue, cutting across national security, finances and economics, international law and heritage and conservation.

22nd NYCF Conservation Science Annual at EAS

This coming November 15-16, 2016, the New York Conservation Foundation and the Eastern Analytical Symposium will convene the 22nd NYCF Conservation Science Annual at EAS. Our topics are microfade testing (MFT), and coatings development.

15 Nov 2016 to 16 Nov 2016

2016 Archives and Records Association Conference: "Global Futures" - Conservation Stream

The Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland) warmly invites you to attend our annual conference "Global Futures" to be held in London from 31 August - 2 September 2016.

We know our future is a global one. Global relationships, communications and connectivity are shifting the way in which we live and work. Our professional lives often focus on pragmatic responses to everyday situations, but we must constantly demonstrate an ability to place our work firmly in the future.

31 Aug 2016 to 2 Sep 2016


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