Seeking conservators to work in Antarctica

The Antarctic Heritage Trust is a New Zealand based charity recognised internationally as the organisation which cares for the expedition bases associated with the famed polar explorers Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Carsten Borchgrevink and Sir Edmund Hillary.

Built between 1899 and 1957, the five expedition bases are located in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. The expedition bases contain a combined total of approximately 20,000 artefacts consisting of objects made from a range of materials including timber, leather, paper, glass and metal.

Since 2006, the Trust has managed a world leading, long term, staged, international heritage conservation project to ensure the bases and associated artefact collections remain for the benefit of the international community. It has been described as one of the most exciting conservation projects in the world.

Application deadline: 
20 Dec 2015

Conference: Ancient Egyptian Coffins - Past, Present, Future

The Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge is pleased to announce a conference on ancient Egyptian coffins, to be held at the Judge Business School from 7–9 April 2016. The themes of the conference focus on three areas:
• past: the development of coffins in antiquity, including technological, iconographic and text-based studies
• present: the post-antiquity history of coffins
• future: developments in the technical examination and analysis of coffins

7 Apr 2016 to 9 Apr 2016
11 Dec 2015

Fair and Just Practices – Art and Heritage Worlds - Conference Call for Papers

Recent developments in art and heritage worlds call to our attention questions of fairness and justice. While art and heritage practices have always been governed, implicitly or explicitly, by standards of fairness and justice, these standards are subject to change and are approached differently from the relevant academic fields of anthropology, cultural studies, economics, history, law, sociology, and the conservation sciences.

18 Mar 2016 to 19 Mar 2016
11 Jan 2016

ENCoRE Conference - Education and Research in Conservation-Restoration - Call for Papers

ENCoRE, the European Network for Conservation-Restoration Education, was officially constituted in 1998. Its aim is to promote research and education in the field of conservation-restoration of cultural heritage (ENCoRE Statutes - Section 2). Developing education for conservator-restorers being one of main goals of ENCoRE, the Board decided to organize a one day international conference dedicated to Education and Research in Conservation-Restoration, prior to the 11th General Assembly of ENCoRE 14-15 April 2016 in Cambridge (UK).

13 Apr 2016
27 Nov 2015

Leiterin / Leiter naturwissenschaftliche Analytik (80%)

Das 1951 gegründete Schweizerische Institut für Kunstwissenschaft SIK-ISEA ist ein kunstwissenschaftliches und kunsttechnologisches Kompetenzzentrum von internationalem Rang. Schwerpunkte seiner Aktivitäten sind Forschung, Dokumentation, Wissensvermittlung und Dienstleistung im Bereich der bildenden Kunst. Kerngebiet bildet das Kunstschaffen in der Schweiz vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart.

SIK-ISEA sucht für seinen Hauptsitz in Zürich ab 1. Februar 2016 eine / einen Leiterin / Leiter naturwissenschaftliche Analytik (80%) für das naturwissenschaftliche Labor der Abteilung Kunsttechnologie.

Application deadline: 
14 Dec 2015


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