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Register for 'Heritage Conservation and Learning in the COVID world - Challenges and Opportunities' webinar

During this moment of pandemic, many heritage conservation training programmes around the world have faced an abrupt shift from face-to-face to remote teaching and virtual learning.

IIC is pleased to be supporting ICCROM and Athabasca University and is looking forward to working closely with these key partners to encourage critical discussions on the challenges and opportunities of heritage conservation  learning  in the Covid-19 world. Please take the survey here.

22 Sep 2020

Iconem shares 20 of its world heritage 3D models

Iconem logo.

In line with our policy of free dissemination of cultural content, Iconem has decided to share advance access to twenty of our heritage site pointclouds.

3D professionals or enthusiasts, travelers or archaeologists hobbyists, we invite you to discover famous or unknown sites: the cliffs of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, Angkor temples in Cambodia, pyramids of Meroë in Sudan, Christian monasteries in Armenia.... Find our 3D models online on here:

Conservators Lending a Hand

Healthcare professionals in the ICU at DMC Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit using the face shields made and donated by Whitney Museum of American Art assistant conservator Margo Delidow. Image courtesy of DMC Sinai Grace Hospital, Detroit.

It is no secret that conservators have big hearts. Caring for cultural heritage makes us keenly aware of the public we serve and their wellbeing. As manifested by your activities during the pandemic, it is clear that caring for your communities extends beyond the work bench.

In Raqqa, the past at the service of the future

Museum exterior February 2019 © Xavier de Lauzanne

By Marine de Tilly
Translated from the French by Sara Heft

Two and a half years after the liberation of the former caliphate’s capital, the Raqqa Museum is set to open its doors again soon. Here’s a look back on the history of a symbol of cohesion and hope.

Book Review: Current Technical Challenges in the Conservation of Paintings

Current Technical Challenges in the Conservation of Paintings, book cover. Image courtesy of Archetype Publications.

Review by Amber Kerr

Current Technical Challenges in the Conservation of Paintings
Edited by Angelina Barros D’Sa, Lizze Bone, Rhiannon Clarricoates, Helen Dowding 
London: Archetype publications, Ltd., 2015
136 pages / £32.50 / Paperback
ISBN: 9781909492318

Selected Acquisitions: ICCROM Library

Mini reviews by Daniela Sauer

For the June-July 2020 issue of News in Conservation, the ICCROM Library is again contributing a list of new acquisitions, presenting a few titles hand-picked by the librarian.

Preparing for Graduate Study While Sheltering in Place: Suggestions from the Association for North American Graduate programs in Art Conservation (ANAGPIC)

The directors and other graduate program members of the Association for North American Graduate Programs in Art Conservation (ANAGPIC) recently gathered via Zoom to share distance teaching and learning strategies, summer and internship placement needs, post-graduate placement schemes and solutions, and opportunities to further connect our work and educational-institutional communities using digital platforms.

IIC-International Training Centre for Conservation 2019 Workshop: Scientific Approaches to Ceramics and Glass Conservation, Beijing

Excursion to the Great Wall. Photo taken by Ronnie KAM.  Top: During a practical session, participants tried their hand at wheel throwing. Photo taken by Ronnie KAM.

By Sarah Benrubi

Last November the 5th course given by IIC and the International Training Centre for Conservation (IIC-ITCC) took place in the Hospital for Conservation at the Palace Museum in Beijing. Following the previous courses on non-destructive analyses, preventive conservation, painting and paper, the 5th course was dedicated to scientific approaches to the conservation of ceramics and glass. Intensive courses and lectures were organized from 11th to 23rd November 2019.

APOYOnline 30th Anniversary Conference and Workshop on Heritage Preservation

“Manos a la Obra” volunteers at the State Archives of Rio de Janeiro. Image courtesy of APOYOnline.

30 years building bridges and pathways for the preservation of cultural heritage in the Americas, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

By Claudia S.Rodrigues de Carvalho

The APOYOnline 30th Anniversary Conference and Workshop on Heritage Preservation: 30 Years Building Bridges and Pathways for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Americas, held in Rio de Janeiro from 23-27 September 2019, was an outstanding event for the heritage preservation field.


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