IIC 2016 Los Angeles Congress

Chris Burden’s Urban Light, 2008, photographed by Richard Rownak (http://rownak.com/Light-Space-Time2015.htm)

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Saving the Now: Crossing Boundaries to Conserve Contemporary Works

Registration opens soon!

Registration for the 2016 Los Angeles Congress will open in early March: please keep an eye out for the opening date!

Registration fees

As a guide the registration prices will be in Sterling (UK Pounds) as follows:

Early (March to 14th June) Standard (15th June to 15th August) Late (16th August to 12th September)
Member £320.00 £395.00 £475.00
Non-Member £380.00 £455.00 £535.00
Student £120.00 £120.00 £275.00
Presenter (one per paper or poster) £320.00 £395.00 £475.00
Single Day £140.00 £215.00 £295.00

Registration will be opening in March and we will be taking bookings via the IIC web-site then.

The registration fee covers attendance throughout the event, including morning and afternoon refreshments every day of the technical programme and the printed Congress Preprints. There will be additional fees for the Congress Grand Event and the mid-week cultural excursions in and around Los Angeles; these, too, should be booked through the IIC web-site. The excursions will include visits to fabricators of works, tours of museums and galleries in downtown Los Angeles and visits to venues further afield.

Social events

The programme of social events will include two evening receptions, as well as the Congress Grand Event which will take place at the internationally-renowned Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


A web-site link will be provided for accommodation at the Biltmore Hotel.

What’s it all about? Here’s a taster:

The diversity of materials, processes and modes of creative expression making up our contemporary cultures presents ever more complex challenges for the conservation profession. In contemporary works, materials such as paint or other surface coatings and plastics need to be conserved; at the same time similar paints and plastics are also used in the conservation of works. The technologies of video and colour photography, which are the essence of some modern installations, may no longer be current. If colour transparencies are replaced by digital media is the artwork the same or different? As well as being an essential component of museum and gallery display conditions, lighting is itself the subject of many contemporary works; if part of a lighting context, such as the lightbulb, becomes obsolete what are the options? What is the relationship between a work and its replica? If a work is moved from the place for which it was originally constructed to another location its context has changed; this may have an impact on the conservation treatment. Ethnographic and indigenous works can bring to the fore a range of unfamiliar challenges, but also novel solutions. Street and performance art have their own particular issues …

These are some of the topics to be discussed; watch this space for the full list of papers and posters to be presented! IIC and INCCA look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.