Programme | IIC Net Zero Pilot Project

The course aims to provide clear guidance to conservation professionals through a strategic and operational overview of environmental sustainability as it affects our sector. 

This interactive programme can be tailored to an individual’s needs and context, with a range of on-demand content that can be watched at any time combined with the option to attend online networking sessions where participants can discuss their progress and share ideas.  We know that time is precious, so the programme is well suited to freelancers as well as individuals working at a senior level within an institution or university alike. 

While the course has no formal entry requirements it is strongly recommended that participants are already in a practising role or leadership position that will allow them to more clearly understand and implement the areas explored during the course, and ultimately commit to Net Zero by signing up to the Net Zero pledge.

In order to receive the Net Zero certificate and use of Net Zero logo, participants must submit your action plan. Download the Environmental Action Plan below:


Launch event

“Unlock Net Zero Live” panel discussion (Hybrid), Monday 29 January 7pm GMT. Find more information here.

Optional Modules (watch on-demand, available from 6th March)

1.    Welcome to the IIC Net Zero Pilot Programme with Julian Bickersteth
2.    Understanding net zero with Viola Omina
3.    Setting your target with Viola Omina
4.    Developing your strategy and auditing with Amanda Pagliarino
5.    Action plan with Amanda Pagliarino
6.    The voice to advocate for culture in every climate conversation with Sarah Sutton
7.    Business and Leadership in Times of Change with Viola Omina
8.    The experience of commercial conservation practice in tackling their own Net Zero pathway with Julian Bickersteth
9.    Decarbonizing Culture with Viola Omin

Live webinar

Opportunities, Leadership and Business in times of change 
with Claire Buckley, in partnership with Julie's Bicycle 
Wednesday 20 March, 12pm GMT

Optional networking event with regional breakout groups

Wednesday 13 March, 5pm GMT
Wednesday 27 March, 12pm GMT
Wednesday 10 April, 9am GMT 

Closing session

Sharing successes and challenges while joining the Race to Zero
Monday 29 April, 12pm GMT

Advisory board

Julian Bickersteth, Viola Omina, Amanda Pagliarino, Sarah Sutton


Skills gained

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to explain:

  • net zero and related terms
  • the urgency of the underlying climate science driving the net zero agenda
  • the main international policy context for responding to the climate crisis with the conservation field 
  • explore international guidelines - IIC/ICOM-CC Environmental Guidelines and IIC/ICOM-CC/ICCROM Joint Commitment for Climate Action
  • risks and opportunities of net zero including on future business viability and reputation
  • business and environmental support of low-carbon goods and services
  • governance, resourcing and accountability for delivering net zero
  • how to establish a greenhouse gas inventory across all three scopes
  • how to establish science-based targets (methodologies)
  • how to establish a net zero strategy and action plan (near- and long-term targets)
  • communicating and advocating for positive change 

Participant contribution

•     Ambition to change
•     Commitment to developing net zero pathway
•     Participation in programme evaluation, to provide feedback on development and improvement of the programme
•     Commitment to tracking progress using insights from the programme 
•     Communicate actively about your journey towards Net Zero to support professional colleagues