IIC Forbes Prize Lecture 2024


At every IIC Congress, a distinguished member of the conservation profession is invited to give the Forbes Prize lecture. The prize is named after Edward Waldo Forbes (1873 – 1969) who was Director of the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University from 1909 to 1944 and the first Honorary Fellow of IIC in 1958. The Forbes Prize lecture was established in 1958 by IIC’s Council to acknowledge an individual’s success and conspicuous service to conservation and provides an opportunity to address the assembled Congress.

It is our pleasure to announce that IIC’s 2024 Forbes Prize lecture at the forthcoming 30th biennial Congress, ‘Sustainable Solution in Conservation: New Strategies for New Times,’ 23-27 September 2024, hosted in Lima, Peru will be delivered by Prof. Dr Luiz A. C. Souza FIIC, Full Professor - Conservation Science -  CECOR - Center for Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on the opening day of the Congress.


Selfie of Luiz A.C. Souza


Julian Bickersteth AO FIIC and president of IIC commented on behalf of IIC Council, “One of the highlights of any IIC Congress is the Forbes Prize lecture and we are delighted that Luiz, an IIC Fellow and long-standing friend and supporter of IIC, will be delivering this year’s lecture. We are honoured that he has accepted the award”.

The lecture by Prof. Dr. Luiz Souza will focus on, ‘Promoting Social Diversity and Inclusion in Cultural Heritage Preservation: Advancing a Global Community Committed to Conservation’. This preliminary title for the lecture entails not only respecting - and knowing more about - the cultural heritage of minorities, but also delving into the intricate technicalities concerning the climate, material composition, and overall vulnerability of cultural heritage sites, collections and immaterial heritage, on a global scale.