Ancient Nimrud is liberated by Iraq’s army

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IRAQ - Partly destroyed by ISIS, the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud is now under the control of the Iraqi army, international media sources have confirmed early in November.
Since the liberation, the Army has been cautious to allow soldiers to enter the site for fear of hidden mines. The site, located 30km south of Mosul, is feared to have been almost entirely destroyed although for now it is still difficult to assess the damage giving that access is still not allowed for security reasons.
In the spring of 2015, the conquest of Nimrud by ISIS, and specifically the destruction of the archaeological site, had alarmed the international community. In a video broadcast the jihadists were seen attacking monuments and sculptures and subsequently the city was said to have been completely razed when satellite images emerged. UNESCO denounced the destruction as a "war crime" against the World Heritage site. It is hoped that specific information about the condition of the site will be available shortly when drones will be deployed to collect images and videos.