2015 Warsaw Student & Emerging Conservator Conference: full programme announced

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2015 Warsaw Student & Emerging Conservator Conference: full programme of discussions, speakers and studio tours announced … plus the social programme too. Find out who will be talking about what, when, and what you could be part of!

We are now able to list the full programme of panel discussions, speakers and studio tours for the 2015 Warsaw Student IIC 2015 Student & Emerging Conservator Conference - Making the transition, running from 15th to 17th October 2015. Now you can check what is being discussed and which of Warsaw’s highly-regarded conservations studios will open to participants - and how this fits in with the social programme too. We already have a number of participants from a range of countries who have registered for the conference specific studio tours on the Thursday to make best use of this unique opportunity to see ‘behind the scenes’ at institutions that reflect their particular areas of interest and work. To see what is on and when please go to the main conference page here.

Join us!

Join us in Warsaw from the 15th to the 17th October 2015 - registration for the conference is proving very popular, reflecting the venue of wonderfully vibrant and culturally rich Warsaw, the relevant and incisive discussions and the respected, experienced and informed speakers – plus, of course, the networking and socialising that can be enjoyed during the social programme.

The specific areas covered in the panel discussions are:
- Different beginnings for the same journey
Differences in the conservation education systems of different countries and how these can help or not.
- Bridging the gap between studies and work
The first steps after a graduation: supplementing academic qualifications with practical training, workplace / job experience and volunteering. Mentors and Professional Association support. Differences and similarities between various countries.
- The conservation-restoration professional
The Conservator with more than five years’ experience: specifically, how can networking make a difference for younger professionals (under 35) and what national / local legal barriers have been encountered by them?

Come and join your colleagues and make new links to student and emerging conservators from a wide range of different countries, study formats and levels of experience - and explore the busy metropolis and cultural centre that is Warsaw - we look forward to seeing you there!

Book now at the Registration page!

Saturday, 17 October, 2015 - 00:00