The Materials Science of Metals and Microstructure

Date/Time: 25 April, 3pm BST

Tutor: Adam Wojcik

Price: £25.00

Platform: Zoom

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There will be a 55 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of discussion.

This seminar introduces the basic principles of materials science that govern the microstructure of metals and alloys. These principles also apply to other categories of materials, and the observation of microstructures is a well-established methodology in materials science for the characterisation of the properties of many types of materials.  A sound understanding of what “science” lies behind a microstructure is often missing – whether one is working in a purely engineering context, or even as a conservator – and this course aims to address this.  Using “metallographic” techniques to examine microstructures is often only the start of a journey that can ultimately provide information as to an alloys’ composition, its mechanical and chemical properties, and even the processes that were used in its manufacture and the fabrication of the component or artefact of which it is a part.

Adam Wojcik is Associate Professor in Materials Science at UCL Mechanical Engineering, London. In addition to his science and engineering background, Adam also has undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in archaeology and classics.