Hazards in Collections

Date/Time: 12  & 13 November, 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Tutor: Larry Carr

Price: £135.00

Location: Zoom

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This online course (which is conducted over two days, over lunchtime GMT) is a basic introduction to the topic of hazards in collections. It provides an awareness of a range of commonly encountered hazards, giving relevant object and archival examples, indicating situations where there may be a chance of being harmed and describing useful precautions which may help to reduce risks.

The prime focus is the range of hazardous objects and hazardous materials which may be encountered by conservators, technicians, collections managers, registrars, etc who work with museum, gallery and other collections of objects and art. The emphasis is on the evaluation of the risks posed by different materials, measures to control / minimise such risks* and the practicalities of protecting oneself and other staff against them including the use of warning labelling. Over the 4 sessions, the materials covered include asbestos, radioactive substances, toxic metals, pesticides, biohazards, chemicals, poisons, controlled drugs, firearms and ammunition, nitrate film and polychlorinated biphenyls. Physical hazards (blades, glass, pressure vessels etc) are also considered. Handouts will be provided.

* Legislation exists in most countries to control the availability and use of hazardous materials. This is mentioned in relation to UK law (which remains very close to the EU law) but not covered in detail.


Larry Carr is one of the UK’s authorities in the subject of health hazards found in object collections. He is a health and safety professional with more than a decade of experience in the museums sector including the Science Museum, British Museum and other UK National Museums.