Closing Ceremony

Vicki-Anne Heikell leading the way in the the closing karakia

Runnan Luo

Thursday, Final Remarks and Closing Ceremony

After the brilliant Session 10 regarding sustainability, the IIC Congress 2022 was close to an end. Julian Bickersteth, president of IIC briefly introduced the closing ceremony and asked the IIC Council member, Dr. Tom Learner, to announce the location of IIC Congress 2024.

We then watched a video in which Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Director of the Research Centre for Heritage Conservation at Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) introduced the 30th IIC Congress which will be held in Lima, Peru. The Congress’s theme will be Sustainable Solution for Conservation: New Strategies for New Times. This idea was developed by a group of professionals in conservation from South America who wanted to focus on the challenges associated with the practice of conservation in their region, which has many similarities with the challenges in other countries surrounding the world, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. Carlos Heeren, Executive Director of UTEC introduced the University and welcomed all to attend the Congress. Seeking sustainable conservation strategies will allow us to create safe and affordable opportunities for protecting our heritage. 

The Regional Live Hub for South America and the Caribbean will be held tomorrow, setting the tone for the Lima Congress 2024. Under the circumstance of the pandemic, the virtual and hybrid hub model is working well in Congress 2022, and it will continue to be used in the next congress. It will be the first time for IIC to hold a congress in South America; a few years ago there were only a few memberships in Brazil to represent Latin America, but now connections extend to Argentina, Peru and beyond. It is always a dream for IIC to not only hold congress in a fantastic city but to also use the conference as an opportunity from which to build. In addition to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (which have committed to host regional hubs), we expect to add other countries to work together as well. We also expect to see more students to participate, to strengthen the legacy. 

Closing ceremony

Julian Bickersteth pointed out the strength of IIC Congress is the plenary nature of meetings, unlike other meetings, where attendees are cut to different streams. The hybrid and virtual model has been heightened in this week; it allows people from wide geographical locations to join in. IIC is working hard to assure we’re a truly global organisation, we have the new Talent and Participation Committee, to make sure that we do not only include Euro-Anglo people, and our future should also be more inclusive, diverse, and accepting.   

On behalf of IIC, Julian Bickersteth expressed his gratitude to Tru Vue and other sponsors, Cadmore Media, all the staff and participants. 

Vicki-Anne Heikell did a final wrap-up. September 12th – 19th will be the Māori Language Week; it is also the 50th anniversary of Māori language petition. She read the Tihei Mauri Ora with the audiences (in-person and on-line) and closed the Congress.

Closing ceremony


Runnan Luo

Image Captions

Image 1 – Screenshot of Julian applauding for the Digital Engagement Volunteers. Image taken by Runnan Luo, from Final Remarks and Closing Ceremony.

Image 2 – Screenshot of Vicki-Anne reading the Tihei Mauri Ora. Image taken by Runnan Luo, from Final Remarks and Closing Ceremony.