Art Bio Matters Speaker Series

Art Bio Matters (ABM) is hosting a speaker series and our next presentation is December 14th at 11am EST. Our speaker will be Rachel Winter on the topic of using marine shagreen for the marine historical ecology of elasmobranchs. These talks are only available to ABM members (membership is free!). You can read a bit more about the organization in the blurb below and/or check out our website You will find the ‘Join ABM’ button in the upper right hand corner or you go to

Art Bio Matters is a rapidly growing conclave of scientists, curators/cultural historians, and conservators who bring to the community different research methods, modes of seeing, and desired outcomes in the investigation of biological materials in cultural heritage collections. Your perspective is valued, regardless of whether your goals are better preservation, analysis, or interpretation. While the core disciplines of ABM are science, curatorial/cultural history, and conservation, ABM welcomes all stakeholders in cultural heritage studies. Through our growing website, Slack workspace, and biannual meetings, we offer free educational resources, opportunities, descriptions of advanced scientific approaches, open-ended research questions, emerging ethical issues, and more. ABM is always looking for proactive members who will contribute their expertise and time to grow and strengthen our community.