News in Conservation, December 2015

Welcome to the December issue of News in Conservation.

Author: IIC
Year of publication: 2015
Volume: 51
Publisher: News in Conservation, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works,
Place published: London
Abstract: Welcome to the December issue of News in Conservation. It is a very busy time at IIC with preparation underway for various upcoming events including the Annual General Meeting in January and the 2016 Los Angeles Congress. In case you missed the announcement, the 2016 Forbes Prize has been awarded to Carol Mancusi-Ungaro for her work on the conservation of contemporary artworks with a lecture to be delivered at the Congress next year. In the IIC News section you will also find details of IIC members standing for election. In this issue, Emily Hicks talks about how her career plans changed when she was faced with working on objects that were very different from the ones she had trained on. Moving on to our packed review section we have a review of the new English translation of ‘Il Libro dell’Arte di Cennino Cennini’ by Lara Broecke, reviewed by Will Shank and a film review offered by Clare Finn which ties in very well with Alexandra Metzer’s article on the work of Gustav Klimt. Following we have Alissa Anderson’s account of non-English language conservation resources available in Sweden which adds to the already rich resources of similar accounts that NiC has so far published and that can be viewed on the IIC website. Lastly a few words about IIC’s digital presence – thanks to the amazing work of the IIC communication team this year has been a success with IIC’s work reaching both established and new audiences. This has translated into more people visiting the website, reading NiC’s articles and participating in IIC’s events. Barbara Borghese Editor