Image Permanence Award

The HP Image Permanence Award, now no longer awarded, was sponsored by the Hewlett-Packard Company and given with participation of IIC to recognise outstanding contributions that advanced the longevity of photographic and fine art images created via modern digital methods. The latest award was made in 2013.

Past winners of the Image Permanence Award


The 2013 award was given to Yoshihiko Shibahara (FUJIFILM Corporation) “for his significant contributions to furthering the understanding of how modern print materials respond to forces of decay such as light, pollution, and humidity.”

Yoshi Shibahara is a senior technical manager of the R&D Management Headquarters of FUJIFILM Corporation. He obtained a master's degree in engineering from Japan's Kyoto University (1978) and subsequently joined Fujifilm's research and development of imaging materials, such as silver halide photographic colour negative films, colour reversal films, inkjet media, inkjet ink, and xerographic photo-grade media.

He is known for his technical background in design and evaluation of imaging materials, imaging systems, and image permanence. Mr.Shibahara participates in activities that encourage consumers to create photographic prints for archiving purposes rather than storing images as digital data. He has been a member of the ISO Technical Committee 42 (TC 42: Photography) since 1996 and has served as the head of delegration for Japan, as an expert of the ISO/TC 42/WG 5 (Working Group of physical properties and image permanence of photographic materials), and project leader for important WG 5 initiatives related to image permanence. Recently, Mr. Shibahara expanded his interests to electronic display. In 2012, he was appointed Secretary of IEC/TC 110, which focuses on the international standards of electronic display devices. Through international standard activities in both photographic and electronic display, Mr. Shabahara continues to work to improve the quality of imaging materials and imaging systems.


The 2012 HP Image Permanence Award was given to Alan Hodgson for his support of academic research and training the next generation of scientists studying the permanence of imaging materials; work on developing international standards on the permanence and preservation of digital printing materials; significant contributions to the technical literature; and long history of volunteer work for the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, the Royal Photographic Society, and the Institute of Physics Printing and Graphics Science Group.

Dr. Alan Hodgson spent 22 years in the photo industry with Ilford Imaging in the UK. He worked primarily on monochrome silver halide products from microfilms and silver halide prints through to holography and fine art glass plates. He followed the technology as it migrated from silver halide to inkjet, finally managing R&D and Technical Services groups active in industrial and creative inkjet application development. For four years, he ran a consultancy business focusing on conservation science and inkjet printing. Dr. Hodgson currently works for 3M UK PLC.

Dr. Hodgson actively contributes to the Image Permanence conference community through IS&T, attending a number of the IS&T Archiving meetings as a contributor, instructor, and short course chair (2008). He is also a regular contributor to the Image Permanence session at the annual NIP (Digital Printing) meeting. This contribution also continues through the Institute of Physics as chair of the Printing and Graphics Science Group, which runs the “International Conference on Preservation and Conservation Issues Related to Digital Printing and Digital Photography” every 3 years and supports students in this field. As a committee member of the Imaging Science Group of The Royal Photographic Society, he helps guide small, targeted conferences in the UK.

Dr. Hodgson is currently principal investigator on a project funded by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council working with the University of the Arts London investigating the permanence characteristics of various print combinations. He chairs the UK group active in ISO standards for Photography and is technical lead for the UK on ISO standards for Image Permanence. He acts as project leader for a number of ISO Image Permanence

Dr. Hodgson is currently the IS&T Executive Vice President.


The 2011 award was given to Nora Kennedy, Sherman Fairchild Conservator of Photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nora was specifically recognized for her outstanding contributions that advance the longevity of photographic and fine art images created via modern digital methods in the form of her coleadership with Debra Hess Norris in organizing the Mellon Sponsored Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation, the creation and distribution of digital sample book for two of the workshops and for leading the creation of the Photograph Information
Record (PIR). Since any single digital print process can change in behaviour from generation to generation in only a few years, the PIR is an important link between the object and the actual materials that produced it.
Digital prints were included in the Mellon Workshops starting with Contemporary Photographic Processes held in Chicago in 2000. Later, two offerings of the workshops were dedicated specifically to digital prints: Contemporary Photographs: Digital Prints held in both San Francisco and New York. Nora’s willingness to engage contemporary artists in discussion regarding materials choices, exhibition and mounting (all related to preservation) as well as the general care of photographs including digital prints was also noted by the awards committee.
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The 2010 award was made to Martin Jürgens for his work as an advocate and teacher of the preservation of digital prints. Martin worked for many years as a conservator in private practice and is recognised as the first photograph conservator to specialise in the conservation of digital prints. Over the years, he has collected and documented print samples and their technological histories. Martin has passed on his knowledge through workshops, a digital print identification website and the 2009 publication The Digital Print: Identification and Preservation, which is published by the Getty Conservation Institute.


The 2009 HP Image Permanence Award was presented to Steven Puglia for his outstanding efforts as a teacher and advocate for image preservation. He has chaired an ISO group working on color image stability for more than a decade; provided guidance to many agencies and institutions transitioning to digital image archiving; championed the preservation of analog and digital images; and educated numerous people through his articles, presentations, courses, and service on review committees and Boards. 

Steven Puglia studied photography and photographic science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating with a BFA in photography (1984) before earning an MFA from the University of Delaware (1988). He began his career in the field of preservation, working as the technical photographer at the Northeast Document Conservation Center duplicating historic negative collections. Mr. Puglia has been a consultant since 1987, focusing on the preservation of photographic materials, digital imaging technology, and digitization of cultural heritage collections.

Mr. Puglia began working at the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in 1988, and holds the position of preservation and imaging specialist. He has conducted research on imaging and tone reproduction systems for the copying and duplication of historic photographs and other types of records, using both photographic and digital imaging systems, and has worked to define specifications for preservation reformatting of records and collections . He is co-author of NARA’s 2004 Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access.

Mr. Puglia helped establish the digital imaging lab in the special media preservation division at NARA and works to define approaches for large-scale digitization efforts and requirements for supporting IT infrastructure. 

He has been a NARA representative on standards committees on image stability and permanence since 1988, including WG-5 Stability of Imaging Technology of ISO TC-42. He chaired Task Group 3 Stability of Color Imaging Materials for more than 10 years, and chaired subcommittee IT9-1 Stability of B&W Film previously. As a NARA representative to the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative, he participates on the Still Image Digitization Working Group.

Mr. Puglia has lectured extensively; he often presents at the “Preserving Photographs in a Digital World” workshop at the Eastman House and has been a member of the technical program committee for the Archiving Conference since its inception.


The second award was made in 2008 to Rita Hofmann, Research and Development Director for the Ilford Imaging Group since 2000, "for her role in leading and encouraging the development of inkjet dyes and photo media with image permanence as a priority. Her advances in predictive science are vast and still on-going, as indicated by the number of conference papers and presentations she has made through the years.
In addition, Rita has done an outstanding job of educating and promoting the importance of image permanence not only in the technical community, but also in the museum community. She has given numerous tutorial programs in IS&T in US & Europe, and classes to the San Francisco and New York Museum of Modern Art. Rita is active in many committees as well, which enables her to reach a wide audience. Namely, she is a member of the ISO Technical Committee related to methods of measuring the stability of colour images, a representative on the board of the Image Permanence Institute, and an expert for the commission on Nano Technology of the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences. Lastly, she serves on the IS&T board as Executive Vice President.


The first award was made in 2007 to James M. Reilly, founder and director of the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), "for his outstanding contributions and devotion to the field of image preservation and permanence, particularly the establishment of the nation's premier image permanence institute, as well as for the advancement, understanding, and education of image preservation and permanence he has championed throughout the world".