Forbes Prize Lecture 2018: Stefan Michalski

The Forbes Prize Lecture has been delivered at every IIC Congress since the Rome Congress in 1961. It is delivered by a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of conservation; the first Forbes Prize lecture was given by Harold Plenderleith.

In 2018, the lecture was delivered by Stefan Michalski, Senior Conservation Scientist at the Canadian Conservation Institute, who addressed the topic of preventive conservation from his own perspective.

Ahead of his lecture, Stefan commented, "a whole new generation has emerged since IIC last addressed this key topic - key not just to conservation,  but to its many relationships with others inside and outside heritage. Those of us who introduced new tools and ideas 24 years ago - agents, risk, rational climate guidelines, sharing with indigenous communities - will reflect on what took root, and what didn't. Those who were young then will champion themes we saw only vaguely - value, sustainability, stakeholders, the intangible - and those who are young now will, I truly hope, come and keep us not just honest and energetic, but relevant."

Recent Forbes Prize Lecturers have also included Carol Mancusi-Ungaro (Los Angeles, 2016), Dr. Jixiang Shan (Hong Kong, 2014), Manfred Koller (Vienna 2012) and David Lowenthal (Istanbul, 2010). The full list of recipients is hereand some lectures are available for download.


Stefan Michalski at IIC's Turin Congress where he gave the 2018 Forbes Prize Lecture

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