Call for Case Studies | IIC Net Zero Pilot Programme

The IIC Net Zero Pilot Programme team is excited to invite you to contribute your valuable insights and experiences to our programme. As we collectively strive towards a sustainable and resilient future, your success stories and best practices can inspire and guide others on their journey to achieving net-zero commitments.

More information on registration for the IIC Net Zero Pilot Programme here. 

Call for Case Studies

Contribute to the profession by sharing your case study.

  1. Inspire Others: Your successes can serve as a source of inspiration for organizations and individuals embarking on their own journey towards net zero and sustainability.

  2. Knowledge Sharing: Share your strategies, challenges, and lessons learned to contribute to a collective pool of knowledge that can benefit the wider community.

  3. Visibility: Showcase your organization's commitment to sustainability and be recognized as a leader in the Race to Zero movement.

Themes for Case Studies

We are particularly interested in case studies that address the following themes:

  1. Innovative Sustainability Practices: Share unique approaches and innovative solutions your organization has implemented to reduce carbon emissions.

  2. Cross-Sector Collaborations: Highlight successful collaborations between different sectors, showcasing the power of collective action in achieving net-zero goals.

  3. Community Engagement: Showcase how your organization engages with local communities, fostering awareness and participation in the Race to Zero.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Format: Please submit your case study in a written format (.doc), including key details such as goals, challenges, strategies, and outcomes. Videos are also accepted.

  2. Length: Aim for a concise yet comprehensive document, preferably between 800 to 1,000 words. Videos up to 6 minutes in lenght.

  3. Visuals: Include relevant visuals, such as images, graphs, or charts, to enhance the understanding of your case study. Selected case studies will be published on our social media and website, therefore once the case study is selected you will be asked to sign a copyright form.

  4. Submission Deadline: The deadline for submitting case studies is 15 March 2024 at 6pm GMT. The case studies will be published on our website. 

NOTE: Priority will be given to those who fit the above criteria. 

How to Submit

Please email your case study as an attachment to Marina Herriges at Include "IIC Net Zero Case Study Submission" in the subject line. Feel free to reach out to Marina for any clarifications or additional information.

Your contribution will play a vital role in accelerating the global transition to a sustainable, net-zero future. Thank you for your commitment to making a positive impact, and we look forward to showcasing your success in the IIC Net Zero Pilot Programme.