Student & Emerging Conservator Conference 2011 - Visits

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Tracing out of an infill in a paper document © Francesca Lemass
Thursday, 15 September, 2011 - 23:00

Friday 16th September

As part of the conference programme, visits to conservation studios of museums and businesses in London were arranged.

List of Visits:

VISIT 1 – Art Access & Research Ltd / Valentine Walsh Studio

Art Access & Research Ltd
Valentine Walsh Studio

VISIT 2 – British Museum

Conservation at the British Museum.

VISIT 3 – Museum of London

Conservation at the Museum of London.

VISIT 4 – Natural History Museum

Conservation at the Natural History Museum.

VISIT 5 – Victoria & Albert Museum

Conservation at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

VISIT 6 - Wallace Collection

Conservation at the Wallace Collection.

VISIT 7 - Tate

Conservation at Tate