IIC produces a number of important, informative and well-researched publications which are available free to members both in a digital format and as hard copy: Studies in Conservation is a peer-reviewed academic journal produced as 6 issues each of 64 or 80 pages per year, with some papers having open access. Reviews in Conservation, a second peer-reviewed journal was published in hard copy from 2000 to 2009, and its content has now been incorporated into Studies. IIC also publishes preprints for all its biennial Congresses, and those from 1961 to the present are now freely available on-line to members. During 2015, several online-online supplements, each with a specific theme, some with open access, will be added.

The papers in all of these can now be cited as online supplements to Studies in Conservation, using the year of first publication, the original page numbers, and the supplement number, since some of the printed versions are now out of print.

Together, Studies in Conservation provides one of the most important repositories of heritage conservation literature available, with papers on research results, developments and applications of analytical methods, practical treatments, best practice, and more, all of which are available to IIC members in full, and to non-members as abstracts.

The electronic newspaper News in Conservation is published six times a year and its content can be accessed through the news of this website, and is available for free download to all.

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All papers published in Studies in Conservation are available on-line free to IIC members from the IIC web-site. Additionally, Studies articles from the first year of publication in 1952 can also be downloaded without charge by members, and purchased by non-members, from Maney Online. Printed copies of Studies are available from Maney Publishing, subject to availability.
Advance articles can be accessed here.

If you are looking for a specific publication then use this index. If you are searching with keywords then you may find that the general website search box is more useful.

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