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IIC’s publications record and broadcast the full range of heritage conservation topics, concerns and research, publish the latest developments and review best practice in the field. Written in a wide variety of formats and styles, they are a resource for all in the international heritage and conservation communites.
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Accessing publications

Reviews in Conservation, all Congress preprints and Studies in Conservation – IIC’s peer-reviewed journals and publications - are available on-line free to IIC members from the website of our publisher, Taylor & Francis. ‘Advance’ articles (i.e. those published online before they are issued in print form) are accessed here.
You will need to log into the IIC site as a member to gain full access to papers and posters published by IIC (you can do this at the front page of the IIC site). Non-members can search the Taylor & Francis site but will only be able to read the abstract synopsis for a paper or poster.
News in Conservation, IIC’s electronic newspaper, is available free to everyone (and so not just IIC members) and can be accessed and downloaded freely here.


Please note that Reviews in Conservation and Congress preprints are listed as supplements to the year of Studies in Conservation in which they were published. So, for example, Reviews in Conservation number 7, of 2006, is listed as a supplement (‘Supp1’) to the 2006 volume of Studies in Conservation, volume 51. The 2006 Munich Congress preprints are listed as a supplement (‘Supp2’) to that same 2006 volume of Studies in Conservation, volume 51. This pattern of Supplements is used throughout.

Printed copies of past issues

Printed copies of past issues of Studies in Conservation are available from Taylor & Francis, subject to availability; please contact them at Printed copies of Reviews in Conservation, and some Congress preprints, are also available for purchase, subject to availability – please contact Archetype Publications for details.

Bibliographical search

A bibliographical list of all papers and posters is available from the IIC site on this page but this will not always take you to the abstract or full text of a paper or poster – full access is currently via the link to the Taylor & Francis web site only.

If you are looking for a specific publication then use this index. If you are searching with keywords then you may find that the general website search box is more useful.

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