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All papers and posters published in the proceedings of past IIC Congresses, known as Preprints, including those for IIC's latest Congress in Los Angeles (2016), are available on-line through Taylor & Francis Online , where they are listed as supplement (e.g. 'S1') to the Studies in Conservation of the year of that particular Congress. These include all IIC Congresses, back to the Rome Congress of 1961.

These can be accessed without charge by IIC members. Non-IIC members may buy individual electronic articles from the Preprints. Archetype Publications continues to sell printed copies of Congress preprints, subject to availability.
The papers in all of these can now be cited as online supplements to Studies in Conservation, using the year of first publication, the original page numbers, and the supplement number, since some of the printed versions are now out of print.

List of IIC Congresses

The full list of IIC Congresses is as follows:

  • Recent Advances in Conservation (Rome 1961)
  • Textile Conservation (Delft 1964)
  • Museum Climatology (London 1967)
  • Stone and Wooden Objects (New York 1970)
  • Paintings and the Graphic Arts (Lisbon 1972)
  • Archaeology and the Applied Arts (Stockholm 1975)
  • Wood in Painting and the Decorative Arts (Oxford 1978)
  • Conservation Within Historic Buildings (Vienna 1980)
  • Science and Technology (Washington 1982)
  • Adhesives and Consolidants (Paris 1984)
  • Cleaning, Retouching and Coatings (Brussels 1990)
  • Stone and Wall Paintings (Bologna 1986)
  • Far Eastern Art (Kyoto 1988)
  • Iberian and Latin American Cultural Heritage (Madrid 1992)
  • Preventive Conservation (Ottawa 1994)
  • Archaeological Conservation and its Consequences (Copenhagen 1996)
  • Painting Techniques: History, Materials and Studio Practice (Dublin 1998)
  • Tradition and Innovation: Advances in Conservation (Melbourne 2000)
  • Works of Art on Paper. Books, Documents and Photographs. Techniques and Conservation (Baltimore 2002)
  • Modern Art: New Museums (Bilbao 2004)
  • The Object in Context: Crossing Conservation Boundaries (Munich 2006)
  • Conservation and Access (London 2008)
  • Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean (Istanbul 2010)
  • The Decorative: Conservation and the Applied Arts (Vienna 2012)
  • An Unbroken History: Conserving East Asian Works of Art and Heritage (Hong Kong 2014)
  • Saving the Now: Crossing Boundaries to Conserve Contemporary Works (Los Angeles 2016)

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