The conservation of flags in Sweden

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Journal Article


Geijer, Agnes;


Studies in conservation, Volume 3, Number 1, p.24-29 (1957)


cleaning, conservation, Europe, flag, flags, mounting, Scandinavia, Sweden, textiles


The conservation programme is divided into two stages. (1) The flag is laid on a specially-designed washing table with raised sides with plain water or a water solution of Igepon T. The depth of water is then reduced to a few millimetres and the parts of the flag are manipulated into position. When the water has drained away and evaporated the fabric lies firmly against the metal table surface and its contraction causes it to be as smooth as though it had been ironed. (2) The flag is mounted between two veils of crêpeline, a very fine, transparent natural silk, which is practically invisible, with the minimum amount of stitches. (G.T.)