The cleaning of stonework

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Journal Article


Rawlins, F.I.G.; Brakspear, Oswald; Drury, H. M. R.; Higgins, J. A.; Donger, W. J.; Frith, E. S.; Urwin, S. E.; Wheeler, W. A.; Dykes Bower, S. E.;


Studies in conservation, Volume 3, Number 1, p.1-23 (1957)


buildings, cleaning, stone, UK


This is a collection of reports by the authorities responsible for the cleaning of 9 historic monuments in England. The authors describe their experience in the cleaning of both internal and external stone. The necessity for a precise knowledge of the geological origin of the stone and the local conditions and air pollution is stressed. The harder varieties of stone can be cleaned with water jets of up to 6 gallons (27 litres) per hour, while no more than a gentle flow should be used for delicate stone. (G.T.)