The welding of cracked bells

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Journal Article


Clouston, R.W.M.;


Studies in conservation, Volume 2, Number 4, p.170-175 (1956)


bells, cracking, welding


The author gives first a brief introduction to the structure of bells, the type of alloy used in casting, methods of ringing, and reasons for cracking. In the past the only method of producing a sound bell from a cracked one was to break up the metal and recast it, but in recent years bells have been successfully welded, although there are difficulties in welding the tin bronze alloys of which they are made. The author gives an account of British and Dutch experience in welding cracked bells. He concludes from the results that cracks in the crowns of bells can be welded with a fair chance of success, but that if the crack is in the soundbow, although it may be welded there is a chance that the reverberation time will be reduced and in some circumstances the cracks will soon redevelop.