IIC Congress Xpectraltek Poster Prize Winners

Winning Poster at the IIC 2018 Turin Congress by Ana Martins et al. courtesy of the authors
Friday, 28 September, 2018

This year at the IIC 2018 Turin Congress marked the first Poster Prize Awards, sponsored by Xpectraltek. A prize was awarded to the winning student poster and the winning main poster displayed at the Congress.

In judging the student posters, the Technical Committee and the Student Poster Committee were impressed by the very high standards, making this a difficult choice. However, the Xpectraltek Student Poster Prize was awarded to the poster, ‘Effects of a Preparatory Treatment on Debarked Maize Stems, a Constituent Material of Lightweight Sculptures in New Spain,’ by Alfredo Adolfo Ortega-Ordaz with his co-authors Esteban Sánchez-Rodríguez, Luis Rojas-Abarca, Ángela Ku-González, Carlos Cruz-Cárdenas and Emanuel Bojórquez-Quintal. The Student Poster Prize, sponsored by Xpectraltek, consists of a contribution of £150 towards the winner’s future studies and a full student membership of IIC for 2018–2019.

Judging the main posters also proved difficult due to the high calibre of submissions, but the committees agreed unanimously that the winning poster was that of Ana Martins and Lee Ann Daffner, who presented, ‘Evaluation and Optimization of Matting and Framing Methods and Choice of Materials for the Temporary Display and Transit of Photographs and Works on Paper using a Design of Experiments Approach.’ The Main Poster Prize, also supported by Xpectraltek, consists of a contribution of £300 towards the winner’s professional development and a full individual membership of IIC for 2018–2019.

Xpectraltek is a tech company with a specialized team focused on the development of spectral imaging and diagnosis solutions. Adjusting the knowledge in spectroscopy, imaging and computers to the flaws and needs of the market, XpectralTEK developed a tech platform XpeCAM that assists professionals in their daily decision making, by improving their monitoring capabilities and extracting valuable information from the visible and the invisible.

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