15th International Conference of the Conservation-Restoration Studies, Croatia

Thursday, 26 April, 2018 to Saturday, 28 April, 2018

The Conservation-Restoration Department of the Arts Academy in Split, Croatia, is organizing the jubilee 15th International Conference of Conservation-Restoration Studies, which will be held in Split on 26 -28 April 2018 (Thursday through Saturday).

The aim of the Conference, apart from that of students practicing presentation skills, and their mutual sharing of experience of diversely structured courses in conservation-restoration, is also to present to the knowledgeable audience specialist and scientific projects that conservation-restoration students have recently taken part in.

The Conference is open to all conservation-restoration students, regardless of their specialization or year of study, as well as to all fresh degree holders, as long as they come with a project on which they worked during their studies.

The students' work can be presented in the form of a lecture or with a poster. Application guidelines for oral presentations and posters are available for reading and download at http://www.konferencija-restauracija.com/en/conference/about-the-confere...

The presentations are not subject to review on the part of the organizers, which implies that their eligibility and selection is at the discretion of the mentoring teachers.

Application for an oral presentation or a poster: 15 March 2018 Poster submission: 15 April 2018 Submission of the full text of presentation: 20 April 2018 Submission of the PPT presentation: 25 April 2018

The Conference will be open to public. The Conference program will include a trip to the ancient Salona and a tour of the historic core of Split guided by a conservator with professional knowledge in the field.

Questions, contact: split.conference@gmail.com