Microfade Testing Seminar

Tuesday, 13 March, 2018
Monday, 5 March, 2018
Los Angeles

On March 13 2018, the Getty Conservation Institute will host a public seminar on the current state of microfade testing (MFT) in the cultural heritage field. Introduced by Paul Whitmore in 1999, the MFT technique provides a means of directly assessing the in situ light sensitivity of artworks, and its use as a preventive conservation tool has continued to evolve. This event will precede an Experts Meeting of invited scientists and conservators, where issues related to advancing MFT practice in the conservation community will be examined.

The MFT seminar will take place from 10am to 4pm (PDT) in the Museum Lecture Hall at the J. Paul Getty Museum, and will include a series of talks (listed below) as well as an instrument demonstration. Kindly RSVP by Monday, March 5th, to Gary Mattison (GMattison@getty.edu) - parking information and meeting directions will be provided in advance.


- Sarah Freeman (JPGM) and Mark Benson (GRI): 'Microfadeometry for works of art on paper and photographs in the Conservation Labs at the Getty'

- Bruce Ford (National Museum of Australia): 'A microfading survey of the lightfastness of blue, black, and red ballpoint inks in ambient and modified environments'

- Christel Pesme (M+): 'Implementing lighting policy for sensitive collection items: How to use microfade testing results in the general framework'

- Julio del Hoyo-Melendez (National Museum of Krakow): 'Reciprocity issues in MFT: Are exposure effects independent of time or light intensity?'

- Season Tse and Eric Hagan (Canadian Conservation Institute): 'Microfade testing: Its use and benefits among Canadian heritage institutions'

- Chris McGlinchey (MoMA): 'The MoMA microfader: Design and applications'

- Haida Liang (Nottingham Trent University): 'Automated portable MFT: To measure colour or spectral change?'