Wavelength Dependence of Light Induced Changes in Reflectance Spectra of Selected Dyes and Pigments

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Journal Article


Beate Villmann; Christian Weickhardt;


Studies in Conservation, Routledge, Volume 63, Number 2, p.104-112 (2018)


ABSTRACTHistorical objects in exhibitions can be subject to light induced damages resulting in a shift of color and brightness. Besides certain ambient influences the main factor governing these effects is the spectral irradiance applied to the surface. As the photochemical efficiency of electromagnetic radiation depends on its wavelength it is desirable to know the effect of individual spectral components in order to estimate the damage potential of a certain light source. In this work the modifications of the reflectance spectra of 40 dyes and pigments relevant in historical book illumination resulting from irradiation by eight narrow band LED light sources are presented. The LED wavelengths cover the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Based on the measured reflectance spectra, color values are calculated and their evolution is studied as a function of the amount of radiation applied.