Chemical Hygiene Officer

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Job location: 
Los Angeles
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Application deadline: 
Tuesday, 24 October, 2017

Chemical Hygiene Officer (Regular Full-Time) Conservation Center, LACMA

Reporting to the Senior Conservation Scientist, the Chemical Hygiene Officer oversees the Conservation Center compliance with LACMA Safety Plans (e.g. Hazard Communication, Chemical Hygiene, Respiratory Protection, Radiation Safety), state and federal regulations regarding safe use, storage and disposal of chemicals generated by the Center and other Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandated safe laboratory practices. If qualified according to Title 17 California Code of Regulations (CCR) 30336.7, the Chemical Hygiene Officer is also the Radiation Machine Radiation Safety Officer. In addition to safety- related activities, the Chemical Hygiene Officer collaborates with the Senior Conservation Scientist in environmental monitoring of Museum galleries and developing preventive conservation guidelines for the Museum's diverse collections.

Some duties include: advises Conservation staff, interns, fellows and volunteers on proper laboratory safety procedures for use, storage and disposal of chemicals and the use of radiation sources; devices and oversees use of annual Chemical Hygiene budget for the Conservation Center; maintains Conservation chemical inventories, SDS, and all other Conservation Center safety related records mandated by OSHA and Cal/OSHA; orders safety-related laboratory supplies and reviews Conservation Center orders of hazardous chemicals; conducts introductory safety sessions for new staff and periodic review sessions as required by OSHA to update staff awareness of current safe laboratory practices and government regulations; trains and fit test of Conservation staff for respirators as needed; schedules calibration of monitoring equipment, inspections (and licensing reviews) by outside safety inspectors, as well as chemical waste disposal by outside contractors; reports quarterly dosimeter readings for radiation exposure of designated users of research instrumentation with X-Ray sources; contributes to ongoing museum environmental monitoring (e.g. light, dust, temperature, %RH, vibration) in Museum gallery spaces and prepare reports of these data; implements tests of materials to be used in exhibition and storage to determine if they are appropriate for museum use and prepare reports of the test results; participates with conservators and conservation scientists in the development of preventive conservation strategies to mitigate degradation of sensitive artworks in the collections; performs other duties or special projects as assigned.

The qualified candidate will have a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical, Physical, Chemical Hygiene & Safety, or Environmental Science. Postgraduate, hands on laboratory experience with hazardous chemicals is required. Previous attendance at seminars and workshops, which reviewed and provided updated information on government regulations regarding hazardous materials and radiation safety is preferred. A familiarity with Conservation materials and procedures is preferred.

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