Ross Fountain restoration gets underway

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EDINBURGH - Work has begun to restore Edinburgh's A-listed Ross Fountain to its former glory.
After initial inspections, the cast-iron feature will be removed piece by piece this summer from West Princes Street Gardens before being repaired and returned in Spring 2018.
Crafted in Antione Durenne’s foundry in France in the early 1800s, the structure was gifted to the city by local gunsmith Daniel Ross. The year-long restoration project under the Ross Development Trust will see new foundations and waterworks, enabling the fountain to operate for the first time in years.
The Ross Development Trust is undertaking a series of projects in West Princes Street Gardens in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council, including the restoration of the Ross Fountain, refurbishment of the Gardener’s Cottage and a new Ross Pavilion.
The conservation will be carried out by Industrial Heritage Consulting Limited, which worked with Lost Art Ltd in 2013 to restore the Grand Central Fountain in Paisley. Their engineers will temporarily remove the Fountain this summer to renovate the internal structure and return it to full working condition.
Further information of the Ross Development Trust and updates on the progress of the restoration will be available at: