2018 AICCM Book, Paper & Photographic Materials Symposium

Tuesday, 20 November, 2018 to Friday, 23 November, 2018
Friday, 10 November, 2017

The 2018 AICCM Book, Paper & Photographic Materials Symposium will be held 20-23 November 2018, at Melbourne Museum in Melbourne, Australia.

This is a first call for papers and other contributions.

There is no overall conference theme, but we?d like to offer themed sessions as part of the conference around the following ideas:
* Revisitation: revisit a treatment, a survey, a research project, a material, an idea, an era. How has it survived the passage of time, and what does that tell us for the future?
* The Anthropocene: this proposed global epoch is defined by the beginning of significant human impact on the Earth's geology and ecosystems. What does it mean to be a conservator in the Anthropocene?
What materials, practices and systems of the Anthropocene are affecting our work and futures? How will we need to adapt?
* Black and white: from either a material or a decision-making perspective, there are bound to be shades of grey.

Contributions could be in any of the following forms:
* Standard presentation (20 minutes)
* Short presentation (10 minutes)
* Panel discussion or debate
* Poster
* Demonstration, slide show, video or model
* Workshop, treatment forum or tour

If you have a different idea for a presentation format, please get in touch, we'd be interested to hear! We're planning to include a dedicated session for posters and demonstrations, to allow for better browsing and discussion.

Please email your abstract or proposal (no longer than 500 words please) to Bonnie Hearn at ymhearn@gmail.com. Outline the type of contribution (paper, poster etc) and whether it aligns to one of the proposed themes. Make sure to include your contact details, the names of any co-contributors, a one- or two-line bio for each, and a working title.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with any of the BPG or Photon SIG convenors (via the AICCM website SIG pages:
https://aiccm.org.au/about/special-interest-groups/book-and-paper and https://aiccm.org.au/about/special-interest-groups/photon).

Note that we intend to provide a hard copy booklet containing the program and abstracts, plus a flash drive containing contributors' presentation slides or speaking notes, posters etc. We'd like to encourage authors to submit formal written versions of papers to the AICCM Bulletin, post-symposium, and thereby allow contributors to focus on putting together their best presentation possible for the conference.