Email changes

Consent checkbox for News in Conservation

The way that IIC sends emails has changed and it now includes an external provider: Campaign Monitor. Automated emails about membership renewals, congress submissions and emails from your account's contact forms will still be delivered by IIC's own server. Mass emails to the membership or to the subscribers of News in Conservation will be delivered by Campaign Monitor. This change was necessary to simplify the management of the thousands of emails sent from IIC each month.

Because a third party (Campaign Monitor) will require an email address for you and your name, we have updated our Privacy Policy (see Privacy, Cookies and Copyright) and we ask that you consent to the IIC passing this information to the third party. No other personal information will be shared in this case.

You can read more about Campaign Monitor at their web-site and their security and data policies can be seen here.

You can give your consent in your account page as shown in the screenshots below:

  • under My newsletters for subscriptions to News in Conservation
    Consent checkbox for News in Conservation
  • under Edit → Contact details for all other communications
    Consent checkbox for general emails from IIC

... or you can contact the IIC office, e-mail or telephone + (0)20 7799 5500 and we can send you a form to fill in and sign to add you to the Campaign Monitor e-mail distribution list.

Without your consent we will be unable to send you notifications about IIC events and new issues of News in Conservation. All this content will continue to be published on the IIC website as normal and the IIC RSS feed will continue to work.