Archaeological items from Guatemala recovered

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GUATEMALA CITY – The Guatemalan Cultural Ministry announced during a press conference that a total of 22 important archaeological artefacts have been recovered during 2016. Guatemalan authorities recovered the archaeological pieces and fragments that had been stolen from Mayan sites and taken abroad to various locations including the United States, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.
During a ceremony held at the National Palace of Culture and hosted by Guatemalan Culture Minister Jose Luis Chea, the objects were presented to the public and the press.
National Archaeology Museum director Daniel Aquino told local press agencies that the 22 pieces will be stored at the museum and later incorporated into the permanent cultural heritage exhibition as well as being put on show in several of the central American country’s main museums.
Some of the artifacts were voluntarily handed in while some others were recovered by police or discovered when put up for sale at auction. The majority of the items had been looted from Guatemala in the 1960s and 70s.
Experts understanding of Mayan sites in Guatemala has been hindered by the prolific activities of looters operating, at times undisturbed, among archaeological ruins in the country.