The properties of potassium silicate/ fly ash slurry used in the conservation of adobe structures

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Journal Article


Jingke Zhang; Zuixiong Li; Wenwu Chen; Xudong Wang; Manli Sun; Qinglin Guo;


Studies in Conservation, Volume 62, Number 2, p.114-121 (2017)


The work reported here is a systematic study to evaluate the compatibility of using PS-F (potassium silicate with high modulus – fly ash) slurry in the conservation of adobe structures. Firstly, the optimum mixing proportion (0.47) was determined by flow meter. Then the experimental program was divided into two parts: one part studied changes in physical and mechanical properties with increase in setting time by means of the measurement of moisture content, compressive and flexural strength, elastic-wave velocity, density, and porosity; the other part studied the durability of PS-F slurry through temperature and humidity cycles, freeze–thaw cycles, water stability, tensile testing, and alkali resistivity tests. The results show that the consolidation process with the slurry can meet the requirements of conservation applications and provide a timely anchoring force, and the slurry and soil mass of adobe-based structures have good compatibility in physical and mechanical properties. In addition, the slurry can strongly resist freeze–thaw cycles, temperature-moisture cycles, and tensile stress and has a relatively weak resistance to alkali solutions and water immersion. In conclusion, PS-F with a mixing ratio of 0.47 is a suitable slurry for conservation of adobe structures.