Surface cleaning? Yes, freshly grated Agar gel, please

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Journal Article


Paolo Cremonesi;


Studies in Conservation, Volume 61, Number 6, p.362-367 (2016)


Polysaccharide-based rigid hydrogels are by now well-established means for delivering water or, more generally an aqueous solution, to a surface in a controllable way so as to minimize diffusion and possible side-effects on water-sensitive materials during cleaning treatments. These gels can be applied as pre-formed solid bricks on planar surfaces or brushed onto objects in a semi-solid state. In this note, a different application procedure is presented, suitable for surface cleaning treatments of sensitive painted surfaces: pre-formed rigid gels grated to tiny particles that can be brushed onto the surface. A general discussion on the strategies that can be adopted when water is required to clean a water-sensitive soiled surface is presented, then the new procedure is discussed and a representative case study is shown, supporting the procedure described.