Controversy over restoration of Great Wall of China

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BEIJING – There has been controversy over the restoration of a portion of the Great Wall of China, the monument stretching more than 8 thousand kilometres that was started in the fourteenth century and which runs through 15 Chinese provinces. The complaint, reported by news network CNN, comes from the director of the Great Wall of China Society, the company that deals with the preservation of the historical monument.
The focus of the criticism is the work carried out on the Great Wall in 2014 on the border between the provinces of Liaoning and Hebei. The intervention covered the upper part of the wall with a layer of concrete.
The work, which was carried out starting in 2014, had become necessary to stop the deterioration of several sections of the monument due to weathering but also theft, as bricks from the structure are often stolen and used to build new housing by locals.
According to China state broadcaster CCTV, Ding Hui the deputy Director of the Liaoning's Department of Culture admitted: "The repairs really are quite ugly".
The Great Wall is not a single unbroken structure but stretches for thousands of kilometres in sections from China's east coast to the edge of the Gobi desert.
Around 30 percent of China's Ming-era Great Wall has disappeared over time as adverse natural conditions and human activities erode the UNESCO World Heritage site