Recovery operations under way in Earthquake areas in central Italy

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Photo credits:  segretariato-regionale per i beni culturali del lazio del mibact

ITALY - A team of restorers from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MiBACT), assisted by the Technical Institute for Conservation and Restoration, have successfully completed the recovery operation of the content of the church of St. Maria della Misericordia in Accumoli, severely damaged when the structure collapsed during the recent earthquake that obliterated entire villages in central Italy.
The project was made possible thanks to the constant support of the fire brigade, the Carabinieri of the Cultural Heritage Supervision and civilian volunteers.
During the operations, two Immaculate Conception altarpieces (oil on canvas, sec. XVI) and the paintings Our Lady of Mercy, and the Saints Anna, Francesco and Giacomo Maggiore (oil painting on canvas, dated between 1635 and 1649, by Alessandro Turchi) were recovered. Other works saved from the rubble included the painting of St. Nicholas (Roman school, XVII sec.), two paintings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Sorrows (sec. XVIII-XIX) and various liturgical furnishings including some relics of the eighteenth century and a set of four altar candlesticks in silver foil embossed and chiselled (sec. XVIII). Works continues in other churches in Accumuli and neighbouring villages.
The works removed were packed in suitable containers and transferred to a temporary shelter.