Call for bloggers at the IIC 2016 Los Angeles Congress

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IIC will be introducing a new blog at this year’s congress! Attending members will be sharing their thoughts and snapshots from this year’s biennial meeting in Los Angeles.

But, we need your help to make this happen! If you will be attending the upcoming congress in Los Angeles this September, please volunteer to contribute to the blog. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have any experience with blogging. You only need to be willing to listen, write a summary, and snap a few photos.

We will provide simple and clear instructions to all volunteers and we will be there to answer questions every step of the way. We hope to have one volunteer for each talk and event. Here is a link to the sign-up schedule:

With your help the new IIC blog will become a useful and fun tool, especially for those unable to attend IIC meetings, and your help will be much appreciated. So, volunteer! In the future you might be one of the professionals unable to attend and will be grateful for the informative blog posts available at your fingertips thanks to generous and thoughtful colleagues.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Sharra Grow -