IIC 2016 Los Angeles Congress - your unique chance to see the city’s vibrant creativity from the inside …

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The tours and excursions that are part of the IIC 2016 Los Angeles Congress (12th to 16th September) offer a series of unique opportunities to see inside the workings of the rich cultural life of Los Angeles. Reflecting the topic of the Congress - Saving the Now: Crossing Boundaries to Conserve Contemporary Works - each carefully-planned tour offers a special and hugely rewarding insight into the ever-changing and innovative creative life of the city itself, as well as to some of the city’s world-famous museums and galleries.

So, would you like to
- Go behind the scenes of the exciting and technically complex world of large-scale contemporary sculpture fabrication?
- Enjoy an intimate tour of one of the great Los Angles private collections, the Fredrick R. Weisman collection?
- Learn how conservators maintain and treat more than 70 sculptures in one of the world’s the largest and most visited public sculpture gardens?
- Be part of an exclusive an exclusive pre-opening tour of the extensive Marciano collection of contemporary art housed in a grand historic landmark building?
- Take part in a tour of the world-leading Getty sites and collections at the Getty Centre, or the Getty Museum?
- Tour the wealth of interior and exterior murals that tell the history not only of Los Angeles but also the story of mural painting in the last century?
- Share special insights into how Frank Gehry’s vision was transformed into reality at the Disney Concert Hall?

Yes? If you would like to join us, these and more are available to you in Los Angeles this September. Visit the Congress web-pages and see what all the tours offer and what the Congress itself delivers. Register here!

See you in Los Angeles!