#ScanPyramids – space technology to reveal the secret of Egyptian Pyramids

© Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, HIP Institute and the Faculty of Engineering (Cairo University)

DAHSHUR - The scientific mission #ScanPyramids is an Egyptian/International Project using non-invasive and non-destructive surveying techniques to scan Egyptian Pyramids in order to try to detect the presence of any unknown internal structures and cavities in ancient monuments, which may lead to a better understanding of their structure and their construction processes.
The project was launched in October 2015 under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, initiated, designed and coordinated by the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo and the French HIP. Institute (Heritage, Innovation and Preservation).
After months of work, the #ScanPyramids team presented the results of its first muography mission done on the Bent Pyramid.
The principle of this innovative technology is to get an inside radiography of the monument thanks to muons, cosmic particles that are permanently and naturally raining on earth and are able to penetrate any material very deeply. Participating in the project is a team from Nagoya University (Japan) which installed a type of imaging instruments in the lower chamber of the pyramid. The resulting images allowed for the first time ever, the internal structure of a pyramid to be revealed using muons.
For more information about this project visit: http://www.scanpyramids.org/